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  1. Uh, actually Tony would still be in England and we'd buy only Bev Suits..., just saying, not trying to start a p*ssing contest!
  2. Understanding the stress a person from a closed society goes thru living in the US or other open society is great. I applaud her for sticking to it, it shows a love of the sport to be envied. And as for an A license, I've been skydiving for 53 years, skipped the A and got the rest, was a DZO & Operator, rigger and HMM, not having the A did not hinder me one iota!
  3. Analog, 'so simple all you have to do is put it on and look at it'! I wear 2, one on my chest strap for other jumpers and one on my hand. I still have the ability to log my jumps because I'm not that old or lazy! And that's the biggest draw to digital, jumpers are too lazy to log a jump and/or not smart enough to compute ff time, or you just have to have the latest "thing" to be cool..., get real, spend that money on jumps, your DZO will appreciate you! JMO
  4. Yes, I stand corrected. I used Strong Tandems with the 425. So lets talk about landing a 360,...with the former President, WOW, I'll bet that landing would really suck. I had only one reserve ride, I weighed 240, the passenger weighed 200, rig was at max weight, and we did a perfect stand up landing with a 6 mph wind. Pres. Bush is a big man 6'4", probably 200+, TM's weight ?, 360 reserve, max weight...? I think better judgment and rig could have been used. Now keep in mind, I'm a Republican who admires both 41 & 43....
  5. Considering they exited at a lower altitude, the TM did a very good job of throwing the drogue and was completely clear of the helicopter. Having said that, the landing SUCKED! The landing reinforces my feelings that the 425 and other non Z-PO canopies gave much better landings. Guys, this man was the 43rd President of the United Stats...a stand up landing should have been made, IF they'd had to use the reserve (a 425) the landing would have been better!! Tandems should not be about the ooh, ah factor or the comfort and fun for the TI.
  6. Tandems are not just another skydive...! Confrontation does no good, keep in mind that most passengers are doing it for the first time, they're usually scared shitless and don't remember 3/4 of the jump... Besides, that's what they pay you "da big bucks for"!
  7. When I owned and operated Skydive Temple in Salado TX, I had "hats" of all sorts hung on the walls. I later explained it to everyone that it was my sort of "mental masturbation"! I had a riggers hat, a mechanic's hat, a cooks. a hat for mowing....The many hats most DZO's wear. So now when I go to jump, I try to never say anything bad to or about the DZO, it is not an easy job...... Although like every jumper, I always want more altitude!
  8. As a "retired" DZO and Tandem master, I've long had the opinion (and discussed with Ted Strong) my feelings of the Z-PO/swoop tandem canopies. (Ted indicated that no one else ever voiced this to him). While I was a relative tandem virgin with 1000 (+/-) tandems, I can count on one hand the number of landings that were not standups, and have fingers left over! My tandems, when sent back for recertification, were thought to be almost new, no stains or leg strap damage. When I bought the "new" SET 400, the damage to leg straps went up, injuries to TM's and passengers started to happen. My maintenance costs went up! I told Ted I thought the idea of the faster canopy was no advantage to the passenger or the DZO, and those are who the jump is about & I'd rather have 425's on all tandems! I had tandem masters say "they had too much trouble flaring the 425 or 500"... I asked them "what they'd do if they had to use the reserve"? It is a 425...with only one set of toggles! My answer to them was "more arm exercises would be more beneficial to them and their passengers than a fast canopy", that made them do crash and burn landings. I recently viewed 43's last tandem, the landing was a disgrace! Were I the Cmdr. of the Knights, that individual would under go thorough retraining, and put on a 425, one he could do a "standard" Golden Knight approach to a stand up landing. When did the tandem jump become all about the tandem master? I assure you the over amped passenger would rather have a nice stand up, both for his video and for hi/her butt! I did few by many standards, and still I can say "no one got hurt on my landings"! Rich Worrall D-6860,
  9. Damn, I never thought I say this but, "Joe Biden is starting to look GOOD compared to OBAMA! At least Joe's "big stick" is LEGAL to hold the office!
  10. So often in our sport we cross paths. I first met Ed in the Phillipines, jumped with him later in CA and then he came to my DZ in Temple a lot during the 20 years I owned it. Never a finer man or Marine. I trained a lot of the SEALS in Subic and most of them knew and spoke highly of Ed. Shortly before his passing I talked with Ed at Mike Wares Memorial, he knew his fate and was good with it. He knew he'd had a good life. With this note I'd like to take a moment to day HI to you also Nanc, it's been 26 years since we jumped together in Seoul. I hope you are well. Blue Skies, Saeko & Rich Worrall [email protected]