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  1. what a terrific picture! a testament to happier times. blue skies forever dave. your friends will miss you dearly.
  2. awesome pictures. Anna Grace just gets cuter everyday!
  3. nice. this definitely has to make it into the book. pretty melancholy though, guess those were the days. win? who needs to win, i just want to compete. and trite as it sounds, rules are meant to be broken sometimes. love you dude.
  4. LOL! jeb is the poster child for BASE. don't need to see it, the message is always the same. i say it's time for him to get a REAL life. hahaha flame away. hahahahahaha
  5. glad you're feeling better. i've been called cynical in the past and sometimes i look at an apology as a calculated attempt to make nice. i won't say i haven't done it...but i have a feeling you're sincere and applaud the guts it took to post. but at the same time i can't help but think you've increased your chances of jumping with the locals.
  6. i used to have a chart that referenced the delay in seconds when selecting a pilot chute, can't find it but i did run across an article on the Australian BASE forum by Dwain Weston that has some of this information. if you go to you will find it under articles. i really like the happy face chart...hadn't seen that before.
  7. if the rumors are true these guys rock. i've been wanting to jump with them for a long time...weee!
  8. yeah, those neon colors rock but there not very practical in terms of longevity...whats up with that anyway. so attached is the chosen design. i want teal but there are hundreds of variations of that so brenda is going to send me swatches to see what i'd be getting. she's a peach! thanks again to everyone who responded.
  9. diego can appreciate that. his first BASE jump was off an A he opened. respect.
  10. interesting perspectives all around. to me the reason that someone is motivated to BASE is so personal that it can't be defined in words. words are flimsy things that can't truly express what we feel in our core. am i a *REAL* BASE jumper? i don't care if i am or not. i don't care what other people think. maybe i do it for the simple reason that i want to.
  11. thank you for everyones input. brenda was super nice when i talked to her and look forward to working with her on the rig. the big problem now is designing it, i've checked out the color program on parachuteaustralia website but it's hard to picture. would any of you mind posting photos of your talonfs rigs? i'd love to see them.
  12. was going to order my new rig today, a voodoo. unfortunately due to my short stature and preference for large canopies a v3 container is going to hang real low on my back. brenda at rigging innovations reccommended the talon fs because it is boxier and about 2 inches shorter. the rig looks good on the website, nothing like the older talons and i like the idea that everything is stock and i don't have to pay extra for options that should be standard. anyone out there have one? sure appreciate some input. i freefly and have started jumping a wingsuit, ergo the shorter container. oh, and i have a gift certificate
  13. ***So do chickens.*** PEEP,PEEP,PEEP,PEEP,PEEP she has a hamster now...
  14. rats make awesome pets. they're highly intelligent and easily trained. major drawback is a short lifespan (3 yrs). years ago i knew a guy that trained his rats to dance to new york, new york...the rats were cool, liked to ride around on your shoulder. gravity rats also make good pets.
  15. haha, remember kate trying to recruit tourists at the visitors center to deathcamp...what could possibly go wrong? good times.
  16. good call. this video is graphic and really shouldn't be available to the mass public. deferring to yuri and letting him decide who he wishes to distribute it to is the right course. we know the media is out there using this forum as a research base, the less ammunition they have the better. to quote a friend of mine, "I don't have to watch people die to know how dangerous BASE is".
  17. right on. it takes bigger balls to climb down. good job nate.
  18. that's quite a difference. what about the conventional wisdom that one should have a main/reserve combo relatively close in size in case of a two out scenario?
  19. awesome response. it takes me an hour to climb our 450' A. every 60' or so there's a platform and i stop at every one of them to rest, assess, and ask myself what the fuck am i doing
  20. russel that is so awesome! when i saw the title of this thread i suspected it had something to do with you, but i really thought you had landed in a tree...
  21. haha, do you remember who you gave prizes to? literally EVERYONE was a winner at this event.
  22. so give them up, all the cameras taking pictures and i haven't seen a single one...whats up with that. here are a few i took before the first load, but what i really want to see are the ones taken after the last load...way after i'll post more later.
  23. isn't that the truth! erik h. spent half the day locating a keg of heinekin, which took less than 2 hours to float...and that's on top of obscene amounts of jager. the RATS really know how to rock it. thanks robert, muffin and shannon. special kudos to jenn, texas, autumn, and laurie for running manifest and getting all of us in the air.
  24. you determine that for yourself based on your skill level. glad this thread is back on track...the whole pajama party babble was reminiscent of nonsensical bonfire bullshit