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  1. is the hornet entirely ZP..or half and half? Also, at what number of jumps does a canopy, specifically the hornet, require maintenance, such as a reline..200 jumps, 300, 400?...and how much does that run? also, generally speaking, what is the jump life of a newer ZP canopy? Thanks for helping out a newb
  2. just copied and pasted it from my address bar, woops
  4. do you think $895 is a reasonable price for a 190 hornet with 25ish jumps? Thanks? Thoughts?
  5. i'm buying a new wings container, and on the order form from the dealer i am buying from i need to say what main and reserve i plan to place in the container. My plan is to find a good used main and most likly buy a new reserve, or possibly used if i can find one, while i am waiting to receive my new container. Can i just put generic terms like 190 ZP for the main, and pd 176 for the reserve, or do i need to be very specific about what canopies i am going to be putting into the container? Thanks!
  6. I'm currently in the market for a new rig and have had a very hard time finding a used rig. Half the used rigs are either extremely old, and seem a little scary to jump or very new and priced so high you might as well spend a few hundred more dollars and get everything new. Given, i am a newbie, but i just cant see myself spending 2,000 + dollars on a rig that is nearly 7 or 8 years old? Anyway, i've been browsing the ads for nearly a month and havent seen anything that i would buy. Some people are asking over 4000 dollars for a used rig? That seems a bit high, am i wrong? I'm getting so frustrated i might just buy everything new and pick up a used cypress, at least when i decide to sell it in the future ill be getting nearly what i paid for it based on the prices of most used gear i have seen. any thoughts?
  7. i'm in depserate need of my first rig. it just doesn't make sense to pay rental costs all spring and summer long. so, i'm thinking about buying a new container and getting the main, reserve, and ADD all used. what are your thoughts oin doing this instead of buying a used complete rig, how much money would i be saving? i'm currently looking at the lower cost containers, kinda beiong swayed by all the positive feedback about Wings. how much do you think, ballpark estimate, that i would have to pay to get a decent main, reserve, and ADD? Idealy, im looking for 190 main, 190 reserve, and cypress ADD. Any thoughts and suggestions???
  8. unless you live in south central LA there is no real reason why you should have a gun...this isnt the wild west....i mean...get a freakin life...find a productibe hobby
  9. I'm going to Panama City FL for spring break and was wondering if there were any DZ's around there to make a few jumps. Thanks
  10. yup...u r a old fart happy birthday!
  11. Well, my brother and i came out to eloy on a limb, we're both newbies, only about 35 ish jumps each...but we both had a blast! we spent new years in tempe and went to the fiesta bowl to watch ohio state trample k state but we made it down for about two good full days of jumping and we took full advantage, i got 8 jumps in and my bro got about 11 or 12. First time jumping outta of a skyvan and i must say, pretty freakin cool! Didn't get a chance to meet many people but i still felt very comfortable. it was our first time at a new DZ so we felt a little outta place but we managed just fine, and the SDA staff was very nice and extremely well organized...this was my first away from home skydiving experience and it was a memorable one! cya next year for sure
  12. Thanks alot guys...i think this will help me out lot
  13. yeah, i've taken a few packing classes but in order to get it signed off i need to be able to pack "without assistance", i always seem to forget some little detail, or what to do next...ya know? and i need to ask someone near by, anywho...i just think if i had some kind of outline that i could look at while i was packing to make sure i didn't forget any steps, or what to do next....that it would help me learn without constantly bugging people.....thanks for all your input
  14. I've got 28 jumps and the only thing i have left before i send off my A card is to get my pack job signed off. Anybody have some kind of packing cheat sheet that i could lay down on the ground while i am learning to pack, like a step by step guide or some kind of outline....i'm having a some trouble learning....thanks for all your tips and help