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  1. To add to Ron's post 180 from the center works for any dive. There are pleny of 4 way formations that will not allow a simple everyone turn right or left 90.
  2. Yeah I had just bought my second rig and only had 6 jumps on it when the accident happened. If you are going to be at the DZ all summer look into packing or manifesting. It will make the time go by quicker and you will be able to save a ton of money for next season. Also I forgot to mention, begin strengthening your leg muscles ASAP. The stronger your legs are before surgery the faster you will recover. Talk to your doctor and see if he/she will give you a list of exercises to do. .
  3. I had a complete tear of my ACL in July and had Surgery in October. I am still recovering from the surgery. Recovery times will vary depending on a partial or complete tear. For a complete tear do not expect anything less than several months of intense work outs for recovery. My doctor gave me 2 choices surgery and no surgery. He said you can get by without surgery as long as 1) you haven't torn your meniscus; 2) you have really strong leg muscles around the knee. Surgery was the other option and the one I went with. Given the possibility of hard landing I did not want to risk jumping without the extra protection the ACL offers. Tearing one ligament hurt enough I did not want to destroy the meniscus or any other ligaments and risk further injury resulting in long term affects (arthritis). As for braces... You can buy some braces that will protect your knee somewhat, but they cost around $1200. And my doctor said they really don't help all that much. Only strong muscles really help. Although I have had friends that have jumped with them. As for surgery you have three options petalla, hamstring, or cadaver. Hamstring is what is recommended these days. As was told to me, taking the patella tendon requires taking a piece of bone from the knee, which weakens the knee somewhat. With the hamstring and cadaver your doctor can use bio-absorbable screws. My doctor recommended using my own hamstring rather than a cadaver tendon and that is what I chose. I haven't jumped since July and it sucks. I still have a few more months before I am 100%. However, I didn't want to screw up my knee any worse and have to take additional time off.
  4. There was an interesting simulator on the NASA web page that talked about this a few months back. I can't seem to find the link now. As the model showed basically all galaxies start off a spheres with some initial rotation. With no spin at the poles gravity pulls that mass inwards. The spin at the equator somewhat counteracts pull of gravity and slows the collapse. Thus you end up with a spinning disc over time.
  5. How many kids with ADHD does it take to screw in a light bulb? Wanna go ride bikes!
  6. Unfortunately this myth plagues the autism literature. The initial study linking autism to vaccinations has been proven to be wrong. Later studies have shown no correlation with autism and vaccination.
  7. The shot is a vaccine and should only target specific drug substances. It is possible to tailor the antibodies such that they bind selectively. So in theory you could take two compounds which have very similar structures, say morphine and heroin, and be able to vaccinate against heroin but still be able to utilize the benefits of morphine. Likewise this therapy should not affect adrenaline highs, sex, etc. etc. Although I still don't think that vaccinating kids in this case is a good idea.
  8. No one move I think I lost my contact.
  9. I heard my favorite one on the drive to work this morning. William Hung from American Idol fame singing “Take me out to the ball game” at the Toronto Blue Jays 7th inning strech. Buy me some penis and Cracker-jack
  10. I was in a similar situation. I was out of the sport for 5 years and I only had a total of 24 jumps. I decided to get back in to the air and visited Napoleon (at the time I was UM). They went out of their way to get me recertified. I owe they a lot for that. It is a great DZ and a lot of fun people.
  11. Awww. I was going to let people try and figure that out
  12. Fun 7 way but watch out for brain farts. Pass the tail to the head.
  13. DB I am so very sorry. Major VIBES for you man. IMHO I think that you have your answer already. Asking the question should I continue being a TM means that you have that little voice in the back of your head saying this is a bad idea. It sounds like you are looking for validation to continue being a TM. It’s the same as the newbie 200 lbs jumper asking should I downsize from a 230 to a 170. If you have to ask the question you probably shouldn’t be doing it. I understand that it is truly difficult to give up something you love. If you continue to TM chances are that you will never transmit the disease. Again IMO regardless of the odds it is your obligation to consider the worst case scenario. Are you willing to give an unknowing person the same disease that you have and have them go through what you are experiencing now? Again chances are that this will NEVER happen, but if it does how would that effect you? If you really believe that you can minimize the risk then by all means continue jumping tandems. Continuing to bring happiness to a whole new world of jumpers. If that small little doubt stays in your head then I say try to find new ways of brining happiness to new jumpers lives. Camera, JM, Coach etc. Good luck wit your decision
  14. Tape a glow stick to your front riser. In case of a chop you will be able to see you main in the dark. (Feel free to discuss the possiblity of a snag hazzard). Do not follow your main down! The glow stick will help you minimize the possible risk of collision with your main and will help you find it later in the dark.
  15. I know what you mean my first jump was AFF-1 and I lost sight for the first few seconds. I didn't mention this earlier but she commented on how she enjoyed the view on the ride down. Maybe it's just me but I would have assumed she would notice the ground spinning,