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  1. Last i checked moe doesn't jump. He stands around hitting on the ladies. Now eric ryde, he was quite the jumper.
  2. Fuck you POHM git, my rights are inalienable.
  3. or a convicted felon? What part of the constituion explains the abdication of our intended rights?
  4. No, her inability to persecute you is the example of how her beliefs are not tolerated.
  5. Your absoultly right. Once we started letting our white women fuck the niggers we knew the donkey fuckers and faggots were right behind. That being said, it really started to go south when we let the bitches start voting. Some people will never learn.
  6. You do realize there were ant-federalist papers written, the "men of the convention" had heated arguments and openly opposed all sorts of bits of the preamble and constitution itself. Waving the federalist papers as" the" means of context is simple at best and a David Barton all out lie at worst.
  7. If so, when does misidentification become attempted homicide. Also, if I were to find myself in this position and return fire; is this not exactly why we have a second amendment.
  8. Lololololololololololololololololololololo
  9. So if crack was legal you would smoke it?
  10. So the only way to understand crack addiction is thru your eyes? And since you have never hung with a heroin junkie you can never understand it? When I hear skydivers talk at me about B.A.S.E, should I not listen to what they say unless they have been to bridgeday? Or even better, should I listen because they have. MY BEST FRIEND WAS KILLED BY A GUN on 2/9/87. And you have the fucking audacity to just be more of a troll than me when it comes this issue. Like another poster expressed, good luck with your addictions.
  11. So you need to go to a gun violence support group before you can understand the consequences of gun ownership? I know you keep on with the N.A thing because you cant address the fact that the gun ownership legality/drug usage and legality arguments are interchangeable. Finally, my personal experience with addiction is all I need to understand the issue.
  12. I don't look down at people who are addicted. I also don't believe they deserve to go jail. What is your insistence that one goes to a N.A meeting in order to understand addiction.Would your stance on guns change if you went to a support group of gun violence. Again, is the only reason you have not become and or are not a crack addict is because it is illegal.
  13. My cousin died because of a heroin addiction. I sat and watched him shoot up once. Funny thing is it being illegal had nothing to do with me not giving it a go. I also know that keeping drugs illegal did not prevent his addiction or death. Now is the only reason you have not become and or are not a crack addict is because it is illegal.
  14. So you believe the reason there are not more drug addicts is, the government saying it is illegal. Is that why you are not an addict? If gay marriage is legalized are you afraid you are going to start sucking dicks. Or will you remain heterosexual. And since guns are legal I'm sure you have no problem stepping over those 9,000 bodies.
  15. I have mined 113 bitcoin. fuck the market.