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  1. It was not an air-locked canopy. This was a big, docile student wing. This was the firtst thing I suspected when I went through this in my head on the long walk back. I am certain that I held the flair. As soon as I realised what had happened, holding the flair was what I focussed on. In fact I was so busy thinking about holding the flair that I forgot to PLF, and paid with a sprained knee. (that's not to say I didn't let the toggles up, but in my mind I am certain I did not.) I do remember that the weather was funny that day. We had NIL wind (1mph) most of the day with and the wind kept changing direction. The only thing I could think of was either a stall or a down-wind landing, but there wasn't really any wind. I guess I just put this down to 'one-of-those-things' and practice, practice, practice flair-hold-plf! I'm still a bit concerned about the Cypres settings though. I worked out that at terminal velocity, 750ft is 4 seconds away from a really bad day. (I guess I just make sure I never need it)
  2. QuoteThe way I was taught when to flare was: Wait till you are scared then wait until you are really scared, then flare.Quote That would be @ 13,500ft then
  3. The rigs we are using are 7 months old, cost about £4K. I know the container is a Vector, but I can't say what the canopies are. When I flaired, the canopy stoped all forward movement and then surged forwards and downwards at (what felt like) considerable pace, and I hit the ground with a lot of forwards momentum. I was expecting to drop vertically, with possibly a slight rocking sensation (this is what we were taught would happen). What could have caused this increase in forwards momentum? ( I didn't let the toggles back up, I simply held the flair and waited for the ground to come up). I thought a stall was where the wing looses lift, due to lack of airspeed and then surges forwards and down until enough airspeed is regained to create lift? (very crude description based upon my gliding experience)
  4. Hi all, I have recently started skydiving (started on S/L and converted to AFF) and have some questions regarding student AFF rigs. My instructor has told me that; 1. The Cypres on the student AFF rigs used at our DZ are set to deploy a 230 at 750ft AGL. Does this sound a little low? The AAD's used on static line are set to 1200ft AGL. 2. It is not possible to stall a student canopy ( 260 Ram Air, not sure of the model). My experience of a recent hard-landing (flaired to early, to hard and to high, in NIL wind resulting in what felt like a stalled canopy) suggests different. Also, on the subject of hard-landings, it was suggested to me that a two-stage flair might help with the problem of flairing early, but my instructors have advised against this. Can anyone suggest what I should do to overcome starting my flair to early? Thanks, J
  5. There is a company called Airsports who advertise in SkyDive Mag, tel: 01983 298480. They offer a range of cover for skydiving. I have been considering taking out some cover and these people are they only ones I have found so far. I would be interested to see what other cover is available to compare before I commit. J
  6. I recently completed a S/L RAPS course in the UK and PLF was not taught. This week I converted to AFF, and had to ask the instructor to include PLF as part of the course. I don't know if it is just our DZ or if PLF is no-longer taught in the UK. I know it was in the bad-old-days of Rounds. I had a couple of hard landings on the S/L course and decided I need PLF if I am going to carry on jumping.
  7. Hi All, I thought I should introduce myself as I suspect I am going to become a permanent fixture in the UK skydiving scene. I am about to turn 32 and just done my first jumps. I did two static line drops on the same day and two more over the next couple of weeks. I cannot believe that I left it so long before having a go. I have just completed my AFF ground training and am doing my Level 1 jump at the weekend. Funny thing though, my 4 static line jumps I was not nervous at all, in fact I was buzzing before, during and after all of them. This time though, I am feeling very aprehensive, and I'm not sure why. I know the equipment I am using is new and top of the line, I trust my instructors and my training and I have confidence in my own abilities. I guess it is just the thought of leaving a perfectly servicable aircraft at 13,000ft with nothing more than a bag of nylon on my back! I don't know if anyone reading this has had a similar, sudden and inexplicable attack of nerves? Still, I have been well and truly bitten, and there's no going back now, so I guess I just focus on my training and take a leap of faith Cheers and Blue Skys, J