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  1. HI! Just thought I'd put in my 2 cents worth on this subject, and by doing so I will leave this forum and never return. I met Jacko about 4 years ago, and seen him do these things over and over again. Jacko is one of the BEST skydivers I have ever met, be it while instructing, coaching doing a tandem, freeflying, belly flying or what ever else you can do in the skydiving world, including flying the planes. At no point did I ever consider what he did to be unsafe, on the video in question the student is safely in the harness, and yes there is a lot of seperation between the student and Jacko, but all 4 conector snaps are in place and the drogue is out. I am a Strong and Vector/Sigma rated Tandem instructor, and I jump the Strong system all the time, you can ask anyone that has used this equipment and they will tell you that the students harness system slips all the time no matter what you do, something that doesn't happen on the verctor harnesses because the webbing is doubled. I have had a student snug to me and in freefall had them slide away (the lower conector slip). I have done the move in question in the past, and because of this situation stopped. I think that people should stop and think before they write, they should check information and maybe even play with a Strong student harness and see the slipping problem I am talking about, all the hardware on a strong student harness slips, including the leg straps on the Tandem rig itself... Thanks. Yonatan Ran
  2. The world record we are going to attempt is a new one, we checke it out and could find no record of this kind before.....but we are trying to make it as big as possible.....this isn't just the most trackers on a single dive....thats easy....we are trying for the most people, flying slot specific and linked while tracking.... so....come on out and play! CK1 Freefly. Yonatan
  3. hey guys, if you wanna see what were talking about check out the new video on skydivingmoivies.com it's in Freefly section and is Called: Tracking. Check it out.... Yonatan
  4. We will be coaching all kinds of tracking, belly and back, so if your interested in learning how to track, all kinds of tracking, this is for you.... Even experienced trackers should come, we intend on chalenging everyone.... so come try it out... Yonatan
  5. All you skydivers, this is open to everyone, doesn't matter if you freefly or belly fly, all you need is an A license and the will to learn and have fun.... Come on and lets Track!
  6. By the way, aside from all the aircrafts that we are going to have here, we will have a live band playing at night and many other attractions to keep everybody happy and smilling..... Like a DJ, and Jello shots, black jack tables and poker and other stuff...if you dont come you are going to miss out. Did I mention that CK1 will be organizing all weekend, that Me(Yonatan Ran) Jimmy Tranter and Sick Will.... See you there.... Yonatan Ran CK1 Freefly.
  7. O.K, just to make this clear to everybody! This weekend is going to be insane....Load organizing by CK1 Freefly, and all the planes you could possibly want, including as I said before, the Bi-plane and the chopper, not to mention the skyvan and otters...yes, Otters...we have 2 of them... If you need a place to stay, Bring a tent, we have a nice camp site and Free showers and bathrooms open 24 hours....Come one come all...Just come....who cares where you stay....your gonna have fun....I promise.... Yonatan SWEET!!!!
  8. Hi everyone! The last weekend of this month (29-30th) is the season opener here at Cross Keys... Our planes, the Skyvan, Twin otter, Caravan, Bi-plane and choopper are going to be here that weekend, and this season opener is also going to be the official opening of the new Freefly school CK1, If you want a good time and good flying, come on out and play! SWEET! Yonatan
  9. Feel the love and share it! True I jump and work in Cross Keys. I jumped at the ranch and had a great time and would not hesitate for a second to return there. I love you all..... Enjoy the sky no matter where you are. But be careful. Yonatan CK1 Freefly.
  10. With out a doubt I would say Cross Keys. With the King Air, Caravan, Skyvan and next week Otter, there is always a load going up at Cross Keys, no matter what day it is, weekday, or week end... I would definitely go with Cross Keys. SWEET! Yonatan
  11. Hi! Yes!!!! nationals in Wildwood!!! This is Gonna ROCK!
  12. This is cool...The pond is going to be perfect for swooping, after all its built special for the event with nothing but swooping in mind...and the fact that its on the beach and the view is cool is also good...