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  1. Skydiving is a Sport and a Business, it is symbiotic. After being a full-time videographer, I can tell you I never made profit after equipment expenses and poor living expenses from having pride in my work and having the latest technology. Being a pro meant having backup equipment having 2-3 rigs and 2-3 CX150s. Maintaining safe gear and packjobs cost money. My Canon with tokina 10-17mm got me great photos. But nobody prints nowadays. I traded quantity and quality for a neck saving NEX C3 with 16mm pancake lens. A TI will make more money with no equipment investment and packjob to pay for after a skydive. A handshake, certificate and they are done...maybe even a cash tip. I cringe at -Videographer using CX150 with shitty quality wide angle lens, -Using HD Cameras to output to DVD, -Outside Video Guys using Gopros for video and pics, -One customer getting a great outside quality video and another customer getting far outside video with poor quality. But it all comes down to the DZO stuck in the old business model who is paying the same amounts 10, 15, 20 years ago. So every year you earn less due to inflation and rising cost of living and gear equipment. It would be nice as a "1099-Contractor" if you really got to determine your pay schedule. The transition to HD and NLE had increased the expense and downtime for a videographer. I find that factor has forced the lower quality in workmanship of videographers. If only all DZOs would see the benefit of buying a DZ NLE that is cheaper than one Tandem parachute and get an office editor. The only thing I really like about handicam videos is the initial reaction of the customer after the parachute opens and the parachute ride. Also video quality is standardized. I am sure in 10 years time outside videographer are still getting paid $40 to $55 and TI $30. Now I am a weekend warrior flinging drogues with a Sigma and GP3 Black Handicam and it is a breath of fresh air. Peace Kai
  2. thanks for the feedback, it only happened on that one jump of thousands i conclude it was moisture from a rain jump the previous day. the pressure to jump in rain sucks :( kai
  3. Yup Flysight is awesome, thanks Mounting methods need to be improved, 5Hz, Simple and Accurate Nice product
  4. Anyone seen this before? is it my lens or body failing? only on a few photos on one jump. done like 2000 jumps on lens and 1000 on body lens : tokina 10-17mm body : canon t1i ta kai
  5. how hard is it to post pics or video? exit shots, freefall, deployment and landing please...anyone? Kai
  6. found this on sony FAQ, http://www.sony.com.my/support/faq/441976 and a grab of the usermanual attached. Kai
  7. HMmmmmm played with cx160 today, not mine, so no jumps. but it is bottom card slot. big Question for DSE, with 60p can you create a blu ray dvd? or any dvd? are dvds restricted to interlace only? the cx160 in PS 60p mode stated that you cant use for blu ray dvd. and i confirmed with frenchie 4way video dude, that is using a cx300 with OIS and Active mode on, footage super nice. Kai
  8. CX160 is not side card slot http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2011/01/02/HDR-CX160_Terminal2_BK-1200_540x321.jpg CX560 is side card slot http://www.bhphotovideo.com/images/multiple_images/item_images/IMG_190664.jpg I cant find a picture of the cx160 bottom For me, it would be the cx160 or 560, the 60p is nice and 37mm threads. I see people jumping the cx300 for 4way, and I jumped the cx550 no probs. I think the OIS stink comes into play mainly for high speed sit. Kai
  9. A brief summary of 2010 vs 2011 sony CX lineup.
  10. So whats the story, on the 2011 lineup on Sony CX? B&H have them in stock and shipping. Cx160,560 & 700 Did Sony Improve the OIS? Kai
  11. Been a while since I played with my Wintec 201, I had to install win7 via bootcamp on my mac to run Timemachine X to reconfig the Wintec to "Airborne 4g". Yup the 4g Filter has worked, the track has me going thru the course and no more into the ground.... BUT not perfect, the only error now is the altitude off the ground varies from skydive to skydive, eg sometimes my swoop is 50 to 300ft off the ground in Google Earth, obviously in Paralog I right click on the graph and SET Ground Here. Any Ideas of how to improve the altitude accuracy? Kai
  12. more questions the nex 3 has a nice flat base for contact, but the nex 5 seems to up and down, how is it mounting? are we gonna see any freefall pics? in door shots? the normal mode is 2.3fps, but in speed priority its 7fps, what does it set the shutter speed at? is it like sports mode? oh, the e series lenses have sony OIS built into the lenses, whats the story with that. ta for your info, im still hopefull on gen 2 having shutter port
  13. Yup I played with flip screen, actually pretty stiff, so im confident in freefall it wouldnt open. Has anybody used the panorama sweep for any cool photos, eg: in the plane/door open I think more mirrorless slrs will appear on the market, maybe the next sony nex version will have a shutter release port. I may be tempted this summer for your mod JayR Kai
  14. forgive my ignorance, never bought software or had multiple computers. what stops you running the program at the same time on 2 computers? Sony Vegas Pro 10 Educational http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/738198-REG/Sony_ASVDVD10000_Vegas_Pro_10_Educational.html For Students, Faculty and Education After purchase, before they ship, you need to fax/email/mail academic proof.
  15. I had my new Vapor helmet 6 months before I put it together, working on a perfect design. Everything fell into place once I saw the Schumacher Stealth Box for the CX150 on Chutingstar.com Also I crammed/forced a factory diver visor onto it, so nice for the winter jumping. Im all happy in my little fish bowl. Really happy with it. total weight is 5.5lbs, same as my rawa setup with QR. But my neck is alot healthier with everything centered on the top. Kai Kaiseye (HAHA - I was wondering why I was having trouble putting the helmet on, on Jumprun)