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  1. Watch it Ray! It happens to the best....true....but it happens a lot more to the worst. I've said it before and i'll say it again. I've never claimed to be good at BASE jumping but you can't fault me for effort. ian
  2. Time to move on! He said, she said. I think my feelings are pretty clear on this issue and Tom has dealt with the matter how he sees fit. Craig. You couldn't help yourself could you? Don't make me drag up your KL performance now! ian
  3. Tom This is the kind of skewed reasoning that really winds people up and has beset this forum with accusations of favouritism and biased moderation. Nick get's an apology and you accuse ME of name calling. Nick's attack (it wasn't some innocent comment you know) against hundreds of individuals was about as childish as it gets. An insult for the sake of insulting. A person can not after all literally be an asshole. Naive maybe, moronic maybe, unethical maybe but what's asshole supposed to mean exactly. I replied that Nick was an embittered hypocrite. That's pretty specific and is not without merit. Embittered because his comments were, overall, groundless and motivated by hatred for people he really doesn't know anything about, and hypocritical because he has attended events sponsored by an energy drink manufacturer but obviously doesn't feel that his participation broke any cardinal ethical rules whereas those who attended X days did. I would have thought, that an intelligent guy like yourself would have been able to distinguish between childish inflammatory insults (asshole, wanker, shitface, dickhead, knob jockey, gayboy etc) and considered critical assessments of an individual's personality traits (hypocrite, bitter, disingenuous, pious, naive etc) I'm struggling to work out what you wanted or expected in response to Nick's post, which as Ray pointed out, you chose to highlight by splitting it off. Was it really unforeseeable that some of us would read that comment and think "what a total hypocrite coming from a dude who did a bunch of TV interviews at a red bull sponsored bridgeday only 2 years ago". Or is me pointing this out not playing by the rules. Am I not showing the deference you feel Nick deserves? Well be default, I have the utmost respect for any BASE jumper who was part of the pioneering years. However, that respect is not unconditional. Nick has proven time and again that he harbours serious ill-will and lack of any reciprical respect for an entire generation of jumpers and so whatever respect I might have had for him has long since evaporated. Name caller indeed. Now that's an inflammatory personal attack if ever there was one.
  4. Oh and Nick....didn't you attend Bridge Day 2004, 2005 which if i'm not mistaken, was sponsored by that other fizzy drinks company Red Bull??? Just wondering that's all!!
  5. I'd go further Ray. Splitting it off, then removing the offending comment - where Nick called everyone who attended the Go FAst event in Rotterdam 'assholes' removes the context with which several replied, in effect making it look like those who took exception to his pathetic outburst are the aggressors here. So just in the interests of balance, and for anyone who missed the original unedited post, Nick DG, the last bastion of self appointed wisdom, called anyone who attends, or has participated in BASE jumping events (which are backed or sponsored by any organisation with commercial interests outside of BASE jumping) glory seeking assholes. Past or Future. So if you have attended the Royal Gorge games (courtesy of Go Fast), KL (courtesy of Menara amongst others), The UK and Belgium Crane boogies (Go FAst again), Ostankino (courtesy of many sponsors), Bridgeday (with it's 1000's of spectators and sponsors including Dodge) and any number of other worldwide events....HE means YOU.....assholios. Discuss in an adult manner!
  6. Anyone who has taken even a passing interest in Nick's posts in the past should already have noticed one immutable thread which link his bilious rants, that being the "one rule for him and his buddies and one rule for the rest of us" chestnut....and all this justified with the disconcertingly vague "things were different back then" get out of jail free card. Nick DG slamming people over scrambling for their supposed "15 minutes of fame" is the biggest joke i've heard in a long time. No one has come across as desperate as he is for an extra hour basking in the warmth of the celebrity sun and I even suspect these contentious rants of his are just another way of ensuring that he's not completely overlooked by the spotlight.
  7. And your views on the Bridgeday EVENT with it's hundreds of thousands of public spectators? I'm assuming all who attend that event are assholes too, and that you have always shunned the spotlight there. edit to remove personal attack ~TA
  8. Just a quick question....why not wear a helmet? Just because the chance of an object strike is small, doesn't mean you won't fall over on landing and crack your skull on any number of rocks. Sometimes things don't go to plan and you have to land your canopy in less than ideal places. When this happens you might be glad of the helmet and pads.
  9. Even Steven Segal would cringe given that line in a script. On the exit point did potatohead say "hey andy, you're bleeding" and you turned around wearing your bandana and replied "i aint got time to bleed, cya" Look forward to the trailer "ONE humble man.....ONE deadly mission....ONE terrifying BASE jump.....ONE hour to tell the online world..... Andy Copland (sonic rodeo 147, muff 3974) is..... ONE...A....BE" loving it.
  10. Maybe he was. Ever consider that?
  11. So you're staying in the MO. Nice Hotel, but they will ask you to leave if you're caught jumping it. ian
  12. Base jump my hotel and then get kicked out the next morning and have to pacify a very annoyed wife for fucking up our supposed BASE free holiday. ian
  13. sabre210

    aussies busted

    If that was sarcasm then it was well disguised. Just sounded like an ill conceived brain fart to me, the logical conclusion of which is nobody bandit jumps anything ever, for fear of jeopardizing the remote possibility of an unconfirmed and highly secret legal event. If a specific event is in the offing then it would be a pretty good idea to let other jumpers in on the secret, so they can then make an informed decision as to whether steering clear of a specific site is worth the potential rewards. Even if that is the case, any single jumper is well within their rights to not abide by the event organisers requests and an organiser of such an event should be realistic and factor into any negotiations with a site owner the "bandit variable" as they do not have control or jurisdiction over all other jumpers and to try and make out that they do during negotiations is to risk a huge backfire which will make them look not only inept but liars to boot when "one of their own" goes against the agreement. That may not be popular but that is the way it is. The harsh reality is that why should all jumpers abstain from a site when only some jumpers will receive an invite to the sanctioned event. BASE jumping exists because it doesn't require permission. Legal events and legal sites will come and go but bandit jumping is the only guaranteed way to ensure the survival of BASE for a new generation. It's the DNA of us as a species and that's why they haven't been able to stamp us out yet, despite the best efforts of the do-gooders, conservative fear-mongers, compensation lawyers and health and safety officials. ian