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  1. sabre210

    Wembley,,2-2007110543,00.html And before you all steam in without the facts, it's worth pointing out that the footage and our gear was confiscated by the construction company and THEY sold it to the papers, NOT US. I can only guess it was leaked by a disgruntled member of security.
  2. sabre210

    Do you care what constitutes a building?

    Hey....STOP THE PRESS..... Calvin isn't getting the attention he deserves. Can we please refrain from discussing, debating, arguing about anything that doesn't interest him. And Matt, with 57 replies it appears more people care to discuss THIS than the 21 replies (mostly by you and the jumpers involved) in the "Kudos to Nate P for climbing down, actually this is really a thread to tell people i did a floating exit off an antenna in 'hardcore' winds" thread you started a few days ago. If you don't care (like the bulk of people who read your posts) don't respond, and leave it to the people who do. Is that a deal? Can we run with that? Or maybe you could post a list of topics you feel you'd like to participate in..... ian
  3. Stats for anyone who likes stats are: B's - 21 A's - 19 S's - 16 E's - 18 O's -30 inc 4 dams, 3 chimneys, 8 cranes, 6 power towers, 3 gasometers, 2 monuments and 4others total 104 from 294 jumps since Sep 2002 highest - Italian Terminal Wall, lowest 140ft A,S,B Longest Canopy ride - ITW a few mins, shortest 2secs No Aerials, No unpacked jumps, no wingsuits. Would like to in the future though. 2 broken legs, many scars. Time out due to injury 4months. 1 object strike, a few tree landings, a few water landings 2 dead friends, several busts, no fines or cell time. Normal service on this forum may now resume. ian
  4. sabre210

    Reaching for the risers?

    It certainly wasn't my intention to throw one of those 'oh it's black death' clouds over this technique. There's no doubt that it works for many many many people and you could argue easily that you can get control of the canopy quickly using this technique. My comment really was just a thought relating to how you might compromise a more stable body position in the event that you have a serious hesitation. Personally i don't use this technique as i feel it compromises how square my shoulder are during deployment. However i know of people who say that when they started doing this, it actively helped their heading performance. Ultimately it's horses for courses, cos as with everything in BASE, one size doesn't fit all. ian
  5. sabre210

    Iowa Skydivers Drunk and Rude @ Twin Falls Outback

    Hey there Did anyone have a chance (jumpers, family, friends or police) to check the deceased pockets. This would pretty much confirm whether he removed the pull-up prior to jumping. If he did, it's on him somewhere, it simply has to be. If he didn't and did leave it on the pilot chute and it came off during freefall, you'll find it down wind or down stream. Of course this won't change what's happened, but the facts being revealed might mean the difference to someone else. ian
  6. sabre210

    Getting into BASE in a flat state

    No dude. Your main problem is you are lazy and want it all on a platter. You are two (count them) states away from idaho and a perfect training ground for the new BASE jumper. You live in a country with cheap gas (which equates to cheap skydiving jump tickets), with skydiving facilities which are second to none, with more BASE jumpers per capita than any other country in the world, and still you're not satisfied. No wonder the locals are avoiding you. Show some commitment. Put in some effort. If you did some homework and made even a vague effort, you'd realise that a flat state isn't a set back, it's a blessing. In hilly regions companies use the naturally available altitude (hills and mountains) to plonk small antennas on in order to transmit far and wide. (ask a swiss jumper about antennas). In flat areas they have to create that altitude by building tall towers. And short of a very ,very, very safe bridge (which you have a very ,very, very short drive away) towers with the right winds, right equipment and config, right training and right approach are about as suitable a BASE jump for newbies as you can get. It's all there on your doorstep. You obviously just don't want it as much as you say you do. ian
  7. sabre210

    New Video

    let me guess......the bridge? what do i win? ian
  8. sabre210

    Jumping in Turkey

    PM sent. ian
  9. Not sure, but the ACE seems to consistently outfly other canopies in terms of distance. It's very difficult to say really because of other factors like wing loading, speed of pressurisation and how fast you are in popping the brakes but from a very unscientific observational point of view, if reaching a landing area is a factor in a jump i tend to go for the ACE rather than the TROLL. I also know DTM favours his ACE over his Flik given the same factors. And having now flown a Fox 285 vtec i'd say the ACE is way ahead. ian
  10. sabre210

    Best BASE Story Ever

    Hi MMK. Well there are always many ways to tackle a problem I agree. What you suggest (including him. mentoring him, advising him) is what i would consider to be step 1. Tried it dude. We're now at step 3. Please do not assume my decision to post here was taken lightly. It was not, and i am fully aware that in doing so I attract criticism from people who feel I am being callous, unfair or simply unwilling to share the toys with the newcomers. We met him at the pub, we talked to him, i sent him a packing video when it became clear he wasn't entirely sure he was packing correctly. We gave him some pretty solid advice for progression. We told him to call us if he needed advice - he pretty much had an open advice line. I have sent him no end of private mails with advice and hints. You know what. He has not heard a word of it and not only that, he has flicked us the bird and gloated. His actions are proof of this. So far in a remarkable short BASE career he has brought serious heat to 2 local antennas by climbing/jumping/throwing rigs off in daylight. This despite us explaining why we thought it was essential to remain low profile. I understand the natural human response to back the underdog. It's easy to think he's a victim and we're the bullies. Easy but very wrong. ian
  11. sabre210

    Antenna hang-up

    Delay was pretty spot on 3 seconds so the slider down 42" pc was the right thing to do. PC has a wild oscillation which certainly would have contributed to the 180, although it's impossible to say if that is the sole/main factor. What were the winds doing - was that a headwind at all, cos his closing speed on the object was very fast which implies that, or too shallow brake settings perhaps. Perhaps a slightly flatter, not so head high body position would have helped. Who knows.??? ian ps. Only other thing is just be grateful he didn't strike the metalwork with his head cos that wooly hat isn't going to give him too much protection.
  12. sabre210

    Rules Reminder: Pedophilia

    What about child-killing Tom? Would that be fair game? ian
  13. sabre210

    Fatality in the UK

    The Times - Monday March 13th Base Jumper Dies A 25 year old man died at ****** in ******** after a night time base jump from an electricity pylon. He was with two friends who immediately called for help. A police spokesman said "we do not know whether the parachute opened or not" This is what has appeared in the papers and is vague and unhelpful to say the least. All that is known for sure is that the jumper died after a high speed impact with the ground following some undisclosed problem with equipment/deployment. That's it. Any speculation beyond that would be unwise and unnecessary. I'm sure the full picture will become clearer in the forthcoming days. ian
  14. sabre210

    London Feb 25th-March 05th

    PM'd you. ian
  15. sabre210

    wishlist of BASE places to live...

    Is this a choice of military bases where you could be posted?