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  1. I have four of them, 2 RW, 1 freefly, 1 camera suit with wings. Also 1 FF pants. Being using his suits for the last 8 years.
    Good price, solid construction.
    His website looks funny, but it's because English is not his native language. He's located in NJ just outside NY City.
    Yes, I will buy again from him without hesitation.

    Hispas Brothers President
    HISPA #2,

  2. EG is a great guy. FWIW English is not his native language. So yes, he's ads are funny to read.

    Having said that. I do have 4 of his suits, 2 RWs, one camera, and one FF.

    Have been using them for years (since 2004). They are very well manufactured, and after years of use,they are still in very good shape. Never had issues with the quality.

    Yes, I will buy again from him without hesitation.:)

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    HISPA #2,

  3. All the DZs mentionned are good choices. I've been to all of them and liked them.

    FWIW, if you are around for this weekend, WP is having their Halloween boogie from Fri 29th to Sun 31st, and will be flying a CASA.

    Try them all if you have a chance :-)

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  4. You can't as there is no threads for a lens. I guess you can always "fix" one but I am too lazy for that. I jumped the SX44 and it works just fine. If it weren't for the lack of wide angle it would be just a great alternative price wise.

    The only SD cam that accepts a wide angle lens (30mm) is the DCR-SX83, but for the price difference (around $50 USD) you can go HD with the CX110

    All in all, my wife is happy to get her camera back:P

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    HISPA #2,

  5. Quote

    Also a new camcorder in the line up...SX44

    It is SD only, but I find myself shooting in SD most of the time anyways and it's half the price of the CX100.

    It also will take SDHC along with MS Pro Duo cards :)Whats the world coming too? Sony is using a non-proprietary format :D Now, why doesn't the CX110 and CX150 have this feature?

    I bought the DCR-SX44 for my wife. Seems to have the EIS image stabiliszation. I'll jump it one of these days and see how it fares. Could be a decent alternative for shooting vid in standard def.

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  6. Quote

    I remember in late 70's or early 80's a guy with similar issue's...he was a young guy, stock broker of some type, successful, he got tired of asking so one weekend he gets there early and proceedes to buy the 1st 6 loads,,,the smile on his face was priceless as he climbed aboard solo while all the hot jumpers sat on the ground and waited,,don't think they jumped till noon,,ha ha I was a student with about 10 jumps and i remember thinking," this is going to be a fun sport " He got everybodys attention and curiousity,,never had problems getting to get people to jump with him after that B|

    Awesome :D:D:D

    To the OP, that's very unfortunate. And yes, it does happen, I've seen it at various DZs :S As suggested, try another DZ.

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  7. Quote

    1. so far haven't heard of any problems besides the oldfashioned "is my camera recording" I got a few times, no lanc is a pain for now

    Here's an alternative for the cameras without a Lan-C port.


    First I've heard off, saw an add in Parachutist and Skydiving Mag

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  8. Rather than a camera suit, you could consider a suit with swoop chords. Basically it gives you kind of a mini wing between the mid upper arm to under the armpit when you pull on the chords. That would be a more suitable solution than a camera suit.

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