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  1. I'm just wondering if anyone else has done this or heard of it being done.
  2. Hi Jerry, I jumped the turboprop Beaver in Sweden many times. And we flew with 10 in it, no problem. And there was a turboprop single Otter over there as well. I have jumped it and flown it from the right seat. I seem to recall it carried 16 to 17 jumpers.
  3. You are correct, it is a very nice jumpplane. But a single engine otter with 16-17 jumpers? I know of two Otters in Sweden. One is in Gryttjom (Stockholm) but thats a Twin Otter, that houses 22 jumpers. Never jumped that plane, just know it exist. And the other is a DHC-2 Single Otter that runs at Everöd dropzone. This plane is a turboprop with a 750 HP enging (if i remebers correct) that takes 10 jumpers. I probably have about 100 jumps from this plane. There could be others, but i have not heard of any other Otters in Sweden The DCH-2 is a Beaver, not an Otter. I think it might have been the Aros Club in Vestarose(sp?) that had the Turboprop Single Otter. I jumped it at a Mid-Summer Boogie in Orsa and a Boogie on the island of Maribo in the Baltic.
  4. Back in 1990 I was over in Hungary and we were going to take two hot air balloons up for some jumps. The pilots connected the two balloons with a 200 meter rope and took off together. It got a little scary a few times when one balloon climbed faster than the other but it worked out fine. We went up to 9000 ft. and both balloons leveled out. Then they disconnected the rope. I jumped from one balloon and two people jumped from the other. We flew together and made a three way. I was wondering if anyone else had done this. The three photos were taken from the balloon with two jumpers. In the second and third shots you can see one of them in the bottom right of the photo as I exit the other balloon.
  5. You thinking of making it Jack? jon I'm sure going to try.
  6. There is a “Turkey Meet Reunion 2011” event getting set up on Facebook. It’s scheduled for Sunday November 20th this year at Skydive City, Z-hills.
  7. In the mid 1980's a club over in Swedwn bought a turboprop Beaver and it turned out to be a great jump ship. So a year or two later another club over there bought a turboprop single Otter. It too turned out to be a great jump plane. I think it took 16 or 17 jumpers. I'm not sure if they still have them but I expect they do.
  8. I don't think the poster is gloating. I think he is heartbroken. And pissed off. I knew and respected Patrick long before he became an incredible pioneer in our sport; and long before he became famous. He let his ego get in the way of his common sense. I too am heartbroken. And pissed off. Compliancy kills. But we still owe him a lot! And to paraphrase, you are right John, we need to learn from his mistake.
  9. First jump this century? BEER!
  10. I would be interested to see how well and/or quickly one could read cursive having never been taught how to write it. I am biased, but it seems to me the words look close enough to print that it would not be difficult to pick up quickly. You have a valid point. However, I did find in my ancestry search that I had a lot of trouble reading things when I already knew cursive. Now part of that was due to some sharpness loss when the document was scanned. And some people had much better writing than others. But I certainly had a greater advantage deciphering most of records than a person who didn’t know cursive in the first place.
  11. The last couple of weeks I was working on tracing some family history on I was looking through old ship manifests, WWI military records and US immigration records from the 1920’s and earlier. Almost 100% of the information was written in cursive. And pretty badly at that! If someone didn’t know cursive they would never have been able to do it. So not learning cursive in school would be a negative for anyone who wanted to get into studying and researching history. It is only one field out of many but it is a consideration. And if they stop teaching cursive are they going to add anything in its place? Or are they just going to continue with the dumbing down of America?
  12. 1st jump and already Pro-Base-jumper congrats for the jump I wanted to do it myself, but you and Jeb burnt the place Jeb burnt the Empire State Building. vanair's jump was from one of the World Trade Centers that were destroyed on September 11, 2001.
  13. Looks like the Jets flamed out!
  14. They are RAF Harrier's. Here's the story about the formation flight.
  15. This is a pretty cool way to do a 16 way diamond.
  16. It’s OK Crusty. You can talk openly about your preferences in women here!
  17. I don't think so. It looks like a Norman Kent photo, some similar ones being included in his book "The Book". I'll have a look at it tonight when I get home, but, I think it's Tahiti (or some other Polynesian island). The beach area looks similar from what I recall. AH! I was right... Almost! It is Norman Kent's, and he does have several pictures of those color coordinated jumps in his book, I just got the locations mixed up. It's over Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. Yep, you were right. Tahiti and the Bahamas are pretty much the same except they are in different oceans and many thousands of miles apart. You were right.......almost. What's an ocean or 2 between friends? That's right. After all, it was the same sky!
  18. Looking at the gear and the color coded jumpsuits, here’s my guess. I'm thinking it is a photo from a Guy Manos organized jump done for the Norm Kent movie "From Wings Came Flight". Probably taken over the Florida Keys. Or I'm completely wrong and have the wrong hemisphere!
  19. Some parts of the bill are an exact copy of the similar Nevada law (although in Nevada, there is no administrative enforcement mechanism, and there is no licensing requirement). The outdated verbiage (i.e. "jumpmaster") is in both the Nevada law and this Indiana bill. Does anyone know about a fatality in the last few years in Indiana? Especially a student or low experienced newbie jumper? Even a serious injury to a student/newbie could be a factor. There have been cases over the years of distraught family members going to their state representative and trying to get some laws governing skydiving enacted. There was an issue like this 15 to 20 years ago in the Northeast USA, I think in Massachusetts.
  20. Paratroopers like Dick Winters jumped, fought and many died, to protect our gift of freedom to choose our own course in life. Later, many of these men were the early seeds that started to grow into modern skydiving. They are not part of us, we are part of them. They have earned every right to be remembered here! Blue Skies Dick! And thank you to all the men in all the early Allied Airborne units.
  21. It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's parachute jumpers lighting up the nighttime sky at Lake Elsinore January 7, 2011 | 9:27 am Skydivers taking a nighttime jump over Lake Elsinore prompted nearby residents to call authorities about fireballs falling from the sky, authorities said Friday. Emergency dispatchers were “inundated with calls” Thursday night, reporting something in the sky around the lake area, said Cheri Patterson, spokeswoman with the Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department. “There were varying reports of what people thought they were seeing and an increased number of 911 calls,” she said. It turned out to be skydivers making their jumps while holding flares, said Melissa Nieburger, a spokeswoman with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. Sheriff's deputies heard the skydivers were members of the U.S. Army Parachute Team, more commonly known as the Golden Knights, she said.
  22. Putting ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag.