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  1. Excellent!!!! Another one is ... 'Do you take food stamps?'
  2. Thanks for the invite Camlee... Link for KSUPC...
  3. Your link looks like Mr D.............. Made my 23rd jump with JB out of a twin otter in Freeport in '83 Mr Douglas was there also...
  4. N94Hotel [Two Fathers (Movie)] attach; Byron & 94Hotel
  5. I'v been wanting to get to Manhatten..K State... 119 miles From down town... That's due west on 70... Cabellas & the Nasscar track are at 70 & 435 So it's about 100 from 435 & 70...
  6. I live; 435 & St Line...MRVS is 65+... Skydive KC is...about the same, maybe 55+?
  7. Secound MRVS;
  8. Perfect for Sun morning too...
  9. I've got a couple of old Dell D-4100s... I have had compatability issues in the past with the newest Windows media players... I always stay one version behind the newest to alow them to kill the bugs... A good site for research is... LU7K, D
  10. As Chasingbluesky & Indyz already know... The reviews are great & the forum is fantastic! Enjoy, D
  11. I always loved the sound of a D-18 starting up... like ten Harleys... Makes me wonder why nobody has ever tried bolting 3 v-twins together, one behind the other, rotated 120 degrees... Kind of a do-it-yourself Pratt & Whitney ?
  12. Itunes downloads as .4mp... which is slightly larger than .mp3... & yes it is proprietary... %$$#@@!!#@$%^%^$#$%^%^ d
  13. I got an Ipod... Pros; Plenty of room for .wav files... (I CAN hear the diference between Ipod's .4mp files & .wav...& I'm half deaf) edit; when used with home system... Good storage for back-up...(Can be used as hard-drive) Well built... Cons; Areal pain in the ass to interface with windows... You can only download .4mp files from Itunes site.. When you reload your system you have to re-authorize your can only do this 5 times...(Then your purchased music turns into pumkins)... Battery is built in ..must send to facyory to change... If I had it to do over...I would go with a windows based machine d
  14. good site for lens quality comparisons... Newer lenses may be missing... (I don't know if they have updated) d
  15. Sweeeet! Thanks for link Dave... D PS. I see what you mean Remster
  16. Don't forget to let us know how it goes...
  17. Very funny Remster... I know I will regret this but WTF does NSFW kids! mean? D
  18. I don't believe my cold jumps were below 20 degrees...but remember, a ground temp of 20+ degrees equates to lower temps aloft...add in the wind chill at 100mph...(If you reach terminal)... This produces, in unprotected hands, what I believe to be the beginnings of frostbite, which is painful in the extreme!.. And that's on your hands...I can't imagine what it would do to more sensitive "members" of the human body. Even if you don't reach terminal, as in a hopnpop from say 3000'...You will have enough time aloft to freeze your ass off... Save the naked jumps for warm temps... If you're gonna jump cold temps... bundle up & don't forget the gloves! D PS. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that even 40 degrees on the ground can equate to 0 degrees aloft
  19. I have jumped naked... & I have jumped in the cold... My advice... Do NOT mix the two... I have jumped in the cold without gloves...2 mins. after landing my hands hurt so bad I wanted to cut them off... nuff said, D
  20. Can anyone explain how to use XP with '02 Office to translate International posts? Thanks, D