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  1. jimoke

    Shooting with a telephoto lens.

    its hard enough on the ground without a tripod or monopod to get great telephoto shots 300mm + I have never tried it, sounds interesting, post some pics when you get them. stay safe, jimoke
  2. jimoke

    Any pictures of yourself while working ???

    ok so this one is not me working but it is someone working....Max Cohn shooting tandem videos in CT. Stay Safe jimoke
  3. jimoke

    Canon KIT lens 18-55 (REBEL XT/350D)

    i bought the rebel x about a year ago approx. 5000 shots no problems. so far I have only used the kit lens.....this year I will buy a canon 10-22. this is a great cam for me under all conditions, so far. I use sports mode auto focus for tandems. stay safe jimoke
  4. jimoke

    Apple G5

    try geethree.com oke
  5. jimoke

    New Camerawing Jacket

    nice jacket! I like the style, my only other thought is big gaps at the rear of the wing. this senario could allow the reserve/cutaway handle to get behind the wing if you were on your back,possibly allowing premature deployment of your reserve. this area should leave as little room as possible for some thing to slide through. if you can slide your hand through "by accident" you could have a nasty horseshoe malfunction. just my thought, stay safe, Jimoke
  6. jimoke

    How many DZs shoot digital Tandem photos?

    I had the same concerns last season. I bit the bullet, I bought a digi rebel, a really nice printer and all the other accesories. initial cost was about $1800.00. I made this back after about 200 videos. the biggest advantage is the ability to print 8x10s immediately. I charged $20. for 1 print $30. for 2 prints. I guess I sold 85% of all the prints. it is a bit more to do than handing your student a roll of film but I feel from a monetary standpoint it was well worth the initial investment. it certainly depends on your video concession and how much you actually earn for this service. you will not be disappointed with the quality of digital photos. Jimoke