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  1. MMMmmm...
    I'm no expert,,,
    Have only 12,000 skydives,,
    ...7000 tandems......
    When faced with a line twist like that be 'VERY' careful of your next move...

    That was a "no-win"situation....Sometimes you need to accept the reality..
    The fact that i continued to video is irrelevant..the camera was on anyways and was not my primary concern..
    The malfunction was my primary concern,,
    Altitude pre-determined the cutaway..
    If you ever have severe line twists like that on a tandem or your sport rig treat it with kidgloves,,You might turn a safe,stable cutaway into wild spinning situation..
    The man in the seat,makes the call...

  2. Not much you can do while the canopy is twisting up like that..
    Be careful you dont get your hands caught and to keep stable so you dont start oscillating...
    canopy was flying fast and losing altitude pretty quickly..
    have had these start spinning before..
    Opted for safe,stable cutaway...
    Strange reserve opening,,,skyhook,,no opening "power' to force slider down,,,hung in steering line cascades..

  3. This is very simple..
    ""tunnel time is not freefall time..""
    its that simple...!!

    In a tunnel are you,,,,...
    wearing a parachute..??
    teaching or chasing someone wearing a parachute.?
    Plumetting to your potential death.??
    Operating under a limited and stressful timeframe.??
    No tunnel time can emulate the chaos of realtime AFF training....Doing AFF is and always will be the ultimate test of a professional skydivers' skill and dedication to the sport

    Anyone who seriously aspires to be an AFF instructor needs to be jumping out of airplanes...not playing in a tunnel...
    A wind tunnel is a toy,,Jumping from airplanes needs to be taken seriously..
    I know a few tunnel rats,,,their skydivng is ordinary at best,,a soon as there is a change in fall rate there'ye left behind,,,as soon as things dont go to plan they become a hazard,,,thier canopy control sucks because they come to the DZ thinking they hot shit skydivers for 45 secs ,,but what about aircraft ettiquette,,climb to altitude,,exit protocol,,altitude awareness and tracking discipline,stacking,,canopy right of way...
    I personally avoid jumping with "tunnel gods"