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  1. Mirage makes slip-on covers to protect the leg pads, and I believe they're padded. They also have "Swoop Armor" covers padded with Spacer Foam...but I think they are $60 and $75 a set respectively.
  2. Thanks for the info...sounds like a decent helmet for a fair price. Being a collaboration between BH and Paragear, I figured it would be alright.
  3. Does anyone have any info on this new helmet? Its sure priced well.
  4. I was assigned to Bob's unit at Moody AFB, and used to jump with him at Skydives Tallahassee & Deland. He was an awesome skydiver, an excellent instructor, and a great man. "Those things he did, so others may live" RIP Brother
  5. I'd like to attend if I can shack-up with the Pink Mafia AND have my nipples pinched too...?!
  6. Does anyone have any info on this canopy? I've read all the threads in this forum on their Demon, which sounds like a pretty good canopy, but the Demon is too hot for me. I've checked their website but it doesn't really say too much about the Cayenne. The price on these canopies is rather attractive. Thanks! ~AirMan~
  7. Hold it in your hand like it is a dart. Aim towards the closest trash can. Shoot for the center. Why do you want to use a ring sight and what are you shooting? Haha, so I should just trash it huh? I give up...WHY do I want to use a ringsight? Like I said, I am new to video and I figured I would need one for accurate footage...of RW and/or Tandems. I'd hate to shoot a tandem video of a paying customer and screw it up. I know free-flyers dont use ringsights, and I've seen videographers shooting RW and Tandems without a ringsight, but I'm not sure how. Do I just use a DOT on my goggles?...One of them paper asshole things?
  8. I'm a new videographer setting-up my helmet & cam, and a just added that inexpensive tinted (orange circle w/ dot) ringsight. Anyone else using this particular ringsight? Can anyone provide me some advice/insight on exactly how to align/use a ringsight? Thanks!
  9. Yea, I went to and checked them out! They look very nice...I like their low profile. But for now I'm looking for a little less expensive lenses. Everyone talks about Kenko, but what are some others? (besides a Sony brand).
  10. Thanks for the quick responses and the good advice. My worry is I think I bought the cheapy Kenko W/A lens...the MD-05W! I've noticed everyone else speaking of the SGW HI/Pro series. Has anyone tried this MD-05W?...Should I just throw it away now? Haha! Also, I worry since I will have to use a step-ring (37mm to 30mm) for it to work, and I've been reading these rings can cause their own problems?! Thanks again!
  11. I'm a new videographer, and I want to know what lenses you guys/gals are using? I bought a Sony DCR-PC9 cam w/ a 30mm mount size. I ordered a Kenko 0.5 W/A lens...Is that a good lens for shooting RW and Tandem? Do I need a .45? What are some other good brands? Thanks!
  12. _________________________________________________ Thats good advice, and it's what I'm trying to do, but since they stopped making Diablos it's hard to find any to I'm just trying to pick some brains for now.
  13. Thanks for all the info and advice. But how hard, or easy, is it to SPIN-Up the Diablo upon deployment? Is it anything like a Stiletto (Spinetto) in this regard? I want elliptical type fun, but don't want the headaches of worrying about spinning mals. I know alot of it depends on body position when dumping, but I'm sure some canopies are more sensitive to this than others.
  14. I guess my next step will be to buy an Extreme VX 74 and crank some serious toggle-turns down around 100 ft. Haha, just kiddin. The buzz is to begin with straight-in front riser approaches, but doing so up high, all the while learning how long you can hold pressure and how much altitude your losing, and then slowly take it lower. Then onto some 90 degree riser carving turns...I guess.
  15. Hey, anyone using the Parasport EVO for a Cam helmet? If so, how is it performing for you?