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  1. Lets not overlook Tom Morehead, now 83 who just participated in SOS, and JOS WR this April. On his 80th birthday set a new world record with 81 jumps in 6 hours. And how about Bill Jones?? There are a lot of very active older jumpers who meet the old and bold list.
  2. I stand corrected. Thank you for correcting my mistake.
  3. If Ted Strong has $600,000 in legal fees he will need to do $60 million dollars of business at 10% net profit to break even. I think he could use some help.
  4. I take my coach rating very seriously. I interview the student and we determine the basis of the coach jump. I breakdown the sequence into 3 parts, the launch, the dive and the canopy. The goal is to work on a least one aspect of each of the 3 parts. I always do a gear check of my student before takeoff and before exit. After the jump we have a debrief, if possible we get video along as well. I keep copies of Skydiver, Parachutist, on other resources and select one article for each of the main parts of the jump that will be appropriate for the skill and needs of the student which I give to the student for their reference and study. I have only charged when the DZ has pre-sold the coach jump and is short of instructors to do the coach jump. I do not want to take work away from the regular instructors at the DZ who depend on fees for their living. I think I give better than average service to my students and will accept but not require my slot to be paid. I enjoy sharing this great hobby with the new jumpers and get satisfaction when I know they have benefited from my coaching.
  5. Love your attitude! Hope to see you in 23 years, I plan on it.
  6. For you Big Way skydivers over sixty there is a Skills Camp at Lake Elsenore, CA next month. If you want to get on the next SOS World Record attempt in 2010 you should consider attending this camp and show your ability to the organizers. Details are posted on www.skydiversover60.com/skillscamp/main.html
  7. It was in 1972 150+ jumps with modified capewells using the R-3 system. Somehow one of them dislodged on the exit and when I opened got a nasty streamer.Quote
  8. Mikeb

    SOS Deland

    I think we have a good shot at a new WR looking at the list of participants, air craft and organizers. Hope the Wx will be good. See you there. Mike B
  9. I would also like to suggest while the organizer moves the group to the next point in the dirt dive, think back to each position (point) you just did. It does no good to move ahead with additional moves if you have forgot the previous points. After the dirt dive, go someplace without distractions and mentaly go through the skydive. If you get confused at all, do not hesitate, find someone (the organizer is best) and clear up your confusion. Asking questions is appreciated, missing points in the dive is not. As you gain more experiance you will start to "see" more of the dive, not focus on grips, matching the fall rate, seeing the shape and build of the formation. When you visualize include the breakoff, tracking, and pull sequence. Hope this helps with your dance lesson. Mike B
  10. I have a Maba and have replaced the lense by making my own for less than $5 each. The material came from Tap Plastics and the tools used were airplane snips and an Irwin 1/2 speed wood cutting bit (for the 2 large holes), and small 1/8 (I think) metal drill bit. Was easy to do and cheep.
  11. Check out Area Delta 47 at Casale Monferrato, a USPA DZ about 1-1/2 hour west of Milan. Very friendy DZ when I was there in 2006. 011-39-0142-781993 www.accademiadiparacadutismo.itQuote
  12. Jan, Thank you for the time and effort you contribute to the sport . I am glad common sense prevailed and you are still representing us on the board. Mike B
  13. I understand to date 75 paid up for the SOS record. You can get updates from Russ Manhold at [email protected]