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  1. DA50

    RW Book

    Hey Steve! It's me. Matt. Thanks for the info. I got one on order.
  2. DA50

    RW Book

    Does anybody know where I can find a book that describes RW formations? You know, 4 way 6 way, 8 way … dives. I’m looking at all the popular skydiving suppliers and I don’t see it.
  3. DA50

    double malfunction

    Thanks, that looks likeit.
  4. DA50

    double malfunction

    I am looking all over for a link to the video taken by the jumper who had a double malfunction and survived in New Zealand. I am the only person on the face of the earth who hasn’t seen it.
  5. DA50

    POLL : Left or Right

    Here is another question. What is the default, standard pattern if nothing else is designated?
  6. DA50

    NY NJ PA - We're Still Jumping

    Hey Val, I just watched you’re video on you’re website. That’s a Gary Bird Production, Inc. Corp. video! I’m in it. That’s me in the landing pattern with my old canopy, the red and black one.
  7. DA50

    NY NJ PA - We're Still Jumping

    Hi again Val! Don’t you love this global warming thing.
  8. DA50

    Deland or Sebastian

    Of course. How stupid. I should have thought of that myself.
  9. Have you thought of flat packing? I still flat pack and I put 300 jumps on my Sabre 210 0 Porosity. I got 100 jumps on a brand new O porosity Specre 190. The positive thing with flat packing is it lays down a lot better and you can get it in the bag easier. The negative thing is it takes up space while you’re doing it.
  10. DA50

    Deland or Sebastian

    I have another question. I’m planning on taking a long weekend and doing some jumping in Florida in February. This is the second time I’ll be going to Florida for the purpose of skydiving. I went to Z-Hills in November and loved every minute. Now I want to try Deland or Sebastian. I’m an RW kind of guy. Any suggestions?
  11. DA50

    Landing off

    I love landing off. If it’s done successfully and you don’t get hurt, it can be quite fun. I landed in a field in the middle of a country fair once when the spot went long. Yesterday I landed in the local motel’s parking lot. All the cars on the road were blowing their horns. Their occupants waving and giving me the thumbs up. Where have you landed that is noteworthy?
  12. I like the 811 Perl but the keyboard is a little small for my fingers. I prefer the 8700. If you do get the 8100, do software update to the version. There are glitches in the MDA & SDA are very nice Microsoft V5.0 smart phones that don’t need the additional Blackberry $19.99 a month features plus 19.99 for Blackberry International Roaming. MDA & SDA require 19.99 data feature only.
  13. DA50


    I love my new Spectre 190! Easy opening, easy landing. I load it 1.2 to 1 and it’s nice.
  14. DA50


    OOOOH, Just got my brand new Specter 190! Can’t wait to jump it.