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  1. Unfortunately a fellow skydiver has been taken away. I have always heard that when you go to a skydivers funeral that you should wear your jumpsuit. I have only had to do this once and I did. Now I am hearing that that is not appropriate anymore. What are your thoughts?
  2. How many jumps you got on it? Cause I had the same problems with my 75 jvx. After about 10 jumps then it changed. Now opens more staged and beautiful. I didn't do anything different with the pack job. Not sure why but eh, I am not going to complain.
  3. Am soon to be in the market to buy a new rig. Been talking around to some jumpers at my dz. Is it true that even a custom made Micron is still not comfortable?
  4. I would go with the Viso just for customer service reasons. I have dealt with both companies and L&B is fantastic. I have 2 OptimaII and the batteries last a year. I do about 170 jumps on them.
  5. You never know what can happen on a jump. I personally have broken a finger on a jump. This is why I just with double D's.
  6. First broken bone skydiving was middle finger in right hand. Started jumping 3 months later. Second accident broke pinkie finger dispatching static line student, jumped the next weekend. My last accident I broke my femur, my right shoulder and my C3. Was back in the air 5.5 months later. Done 700 or so jumps since last injury.
  7. You can wear it on your forearm. Then if you fly mantis it is a little easier to see. Also makes looking at it under canopy way easier as well
  8. What is the best big way canopy? I know you want something that you open lower and will open consistant and on heading. My Samurai is just not that canopy and I got a second rig this winter for doing bigger stuff. So what should i get for doing big ways?
  9. Have you thought about trying out a Samurai. I have flown Sabre 1 & 2's, Stiletto's, Safires and then fell in love with the Samurai.
  10. We do S/L out of our Grand Caravan during the week and on weekends when it isn't busy enough to bring in a pilot for our U206. Doing S/L we can get 3 out on 1 pass. We get them out at 4000' so it makes the ground controller a lot of work but it does space them out a little
  11. Would a canopy fly any different if you did not route the steering line through the guide ring? I have heard and seen of people adding a different guide ring into their slink to raise the steering line point on the riser. Or there are those who jump with triple risers to make it so that the steering lines don't have to deflect so much. So if you didn't route the steering line through the guide ring would the canopy fly any different? Would the flair on the canopy change? Would the pressure from the openings have the chance to rip the toggle out of the stow? From the couple of sets of BASE gear I have seen they don't route through a guide ring.
  12. If there were lots of different things to jump out of or off. With lots of people and lots of dealers so I might be able to try out some new gear. For sure I will through a bunch of people in my car for it.
  13. Hi there all you competitors out there. The weekend of August 22-24, Parachute School of Toronto is pleased to announce we are holding the Ontario Skydiving Championships. We will be using our Grand Caravan as the jump plane. There is plenty of camping room at the dz, so come on out and compete. You do not have to be from Ontario to compete. You just have to show up.
  14. Hi there. Does anyone ever do any static lines out of a Caravan? If so what kind of exit do you get them to do?