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  1. Thanks Geoff! Also, could anyone tell me what type of material I should get for the jumpsuit. On the Tony suit website it suggests that for my weight (200lbs) that I should get heavy cotton for the arms and legs and supplex for the rest of the suit. Does this drastically change the way you fly and can anyone, that is roughly my weight and has a freefly suit, give suggestions on what types of material is needed for my freefly suit. Thanks
  2. I would like to know what jumpsuit anyone would suggest for a beginner freeflyer. I have been looking and decided on either the freeflying suit from Tony Suit, or the Multi-suit from Tony Suit. Also, Is there any place in Ontario to buy these types of jumpsuits. P.S. When ordering online you have to send your measurements and I was wondering about the leg measurements. Whenever I tighten the leg straps on my gear, my pants always seem to get raised up pretty high and I was wondering if I needed to take that into consideration when measuring the legs.
  3. I have become very interested in Freeflying and would like to know what type of gear is needed to freefly. What type of jumpsuit would you recommend for someone who is 200lbs and 6 feet tall. Also, what type of container and canopy should I look in to buying (If there is a specific brand for freeflying). Also, if any Canadians read this, is there any places to buy jumpsuits or gear in Canada? I think I may take a trip down to florida in November to Skydive Deland and take some courses on freeflying. Can any Freeflyer give me suggestions on how to get started.
  4. I was looking at the dropzone poll asking which sport should be in the olympics. There was freeflying and skysurfing but I was wondering what exactly is blade running?
  5. I am curious about freeflying and was wondering how you learn to freefly and at what level do you even think about trying it (Licence level). Is there any good sites about how to freefly and how to do it safely. thanks
  6. I am looking to buy a complete rig this year. I have my "A" licence and 35 jumps, I am 6 feet tall and weigh 210lbs. I am unsure of what type of main canopy I should be looking for and what type of container. Could someone give me some suggestions on what to look for. Edited by skydivemike on 5/7/01 09:52 AM.