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  1. This definitely smells like a lawyer fishing around for some information in order to sue a DZ. I am a tandem Instructor with over2.000 tandems, I have also filmed over 3.000 tandems and been in the sport for 19 years and have never heard of anything remotely similar, though I have experienced my share of hard openings. It is the Tandem Instructors duty to assure that the student is in a correct position in order to assure a stable exit i.e legs back, body arched and head back resting on the instructor's shoulder, which is very far form the position illustrated by shah269. This leads me to think that think that the accident happened elsewhere and the DZ has become yet another victim of a possible lawsuit only due to the mere fact that they provide a service for skydivers and introducing new people to our sport. This type of ridiculous lawsuit is not the first, nor will it be the last. It is a shame that there are such unscrupulous lawyers out there trying to destroy our sport. PS. I would like to see the guy’s real medical history i.e similar incidents in the family. I believe, and I am not a doctor, that this condition can be hereditary. --------------------------------------
  2. Thank you Jannu!! Yes you are very welcome here, join my group for all the latest updates and see you soon!! --------------------------------------
  3. Thanks to everyone who made this boogie the best xmas event in Europe this year. Was the best ever for me and we had the best weather of all other European xmas boogies! so it was best best best! Photos on the website --------------------------------------
  4. Whoa this boogie is gonna rock!! Bands are booked here in the big tent, (cant spell marquee) for 24th and 30th. BIG new years eve party at Cafe de Canal. Super famous hot and sexy international DJ from Manchester with a cheeky smile and bald head will be spinning tunes every night after jumping. We have Gluevine, (cant spell that either!) you know, the hot spicy wine, every night for you. We even have Bombardier bitter on draught too!!! Game shows, pub crawls, Tombola, with a complete rig to give away.........BRING IT ON! --------------------------------------
  5. Hi fella, you Empuria have a Winter deal on in the new year with free accom. Have a look Regan. If you want more details add me on facebook --------------------------------------
  6. Have a look at the vid from Blue Skys birthday night, Marios makes the odd entry.. Ooooh and finns, which airport did you fly from/to? --------------------------------------
  7. Can I become an honoury Finn?? you guys made the boogie for me! See you Easter!!! Regan --------------------------------------
  8. Thanks for the good music and all the fun Regan. You are such an entertainer. Thank you! It was such a good boogie, more new friends!!!! YAY! Get back soon Marios and Merry christmas Nick! xx --------------------------------------
  9. Regarding accom at the Xmas boogie here at Empuriabrava, a lot of the hotels get booked up and are full come late Dec, If you want a room better book fast!! If you gonna be here early there is a big party on the 22nd organised by Bruno Brokken. Also a BIG party on the 23rd at the Blue Sky bar, er then a BIG party on the 24th here at DZ, then a BIG party on the ; get the idea Regan, find me on facebook. Search groups for ''Regan's Group'' --------------------------------------
  10. Nigel lindsay foggy and regan, think some more people too.... --------------------------------------
  11. lol talk about waking up an old post!! Where are you Dedric? Lets find him!! *merry christmas* --------------------------------------
  12. There is a load organiser on every lift, Tim Porter and the babylon crew. If you want any more details just drop a line to the girls in the office. [email protected] --------------------------------------
  13. Most staff here are on contract. That means a salary then bonus for production. ie aff, tandem, vid, photo, pack, groundschool. so we make basic when we dont work and more when we do! --------------------------------------
  14. Ahhhh...that was you? I remember the gentleman in question, i dragged him out! ;-) When i said he looked wierd...i just ment he had big teeth!! four days till the AGM!! --------------------------------------
  15. er....ok Am i suppose to understand that? Im sure when you explain it will all make sense --------------------------------------