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  1. Being also a degenerate once part of that famous team, I too would like a photo if one is located. Has Yuri fallen off the planet? If so, I'd like pics of that too. Living vicariously through other BASE'rs 386 Chesnut of " Team Old and Brittle"
  2. I too would like to send cheers down your way to Doc Stokely and Rick "I'd rather watch t.v. than d.b." Payne. Tell Rick Chesnut up in Ky. wants to send him a care package in the mail. 386
  3. Hotel bust about 8 years ago. Manager wanted to press charges. Showed my room key and informed him that payment would not be made if I was locked up and subsequently penalized. He dropped the intent to charge, asked us politely not to jump from the roof again, sent up a bottle of Champagne. Lake front hotel, all glass , about 500 footer. Guess? edit: by request of original poster ~TA
  4. Robin, I'm sure you'll do fine with this. Robin and I also have a history, and I owe him my life in some regards which cannot be divulged but he knows and remembers the circumstances which were also physically and ego-disabling. He might in fact be sitting in the same hospital bed at this time! With regards to E jumps, he's truly one of the pioneers and has opened tons of exits long before most current jumpers were doing hop n pops from beat up cessna's. Now, politically speaking, he can be a hornet but who gives a shit. Heal fast 386
  5. Feral only slam's smack. The other is just mouthin'. Being a seppo from the Ky jelly state of the U.S., this has been observed over the years. He don't mean to diss I don't believe. Chill out. 386
  6. Doug, I'll stand behind you too. Come on down to Kentucky sometime, chill a bit with the wife, dog and horses, t.v. towers and sickeningly low bridges over water(all freefallable by a sick phuck) BASE 386 Chesnut
  7. Awesome reply Canuck. Couldn't agree more. I'm a fairly old timer with my first base jump being in 1987, approximately 500 base jumps, and not one damn aerial in all of them. Maybe there's a bit of jealousy in some of the ole timers...I know I am, but I also know my limits. I'm an over forty soft cock flat and stable propecia taking ho banging has been perfectly content with the occasional SOLO jump. BASE has rapidly advanced in the past 10 years with respect to aerials/advanced exits and some ole farts are just pissed they didn't make a much bigger contribution to the sport.In my opinion, Dwain Weston has been the single most pioneering jumper in the history of the sport and most of all he was willing to share the knowledge and fill the internet with useful advice on exits, gear, techniques etc.etc... Gone but not forgotten. 386 386
  8. base386


    p.s. I live only 25 minutes from Frankfort in Georgetown and haven't skydived in 10 years, any of you have a rig I could jump on one of the July weekends?? Would enjoy getting back into CREW. [email protected]
  9. base386


    " We have quite a few base jumpers that are regular DZ members where I skydive. " Do you mean Bridge Day jumpers or BASE jumpers?? There is a difference in my point of view. I wasn't aware of that many local jumpers, only the hardcore Malaysian finalist in Louisville area. Have a "few" email me as I jumped 9 towers and 6 bridges in the central state region and could turn the experienced on to them, as I am old and gray with new hobbies and less time to burn objects up Team Old and Brittle Chesnut 386
  10. I idiotically jumped a 270 foot power tower into a 5-7 knot quartering headwind because of the nasty 500,000 volt wires on the other side(which is jumpable). 160 off heading occured and both rear riser action followed by releasing the R rear riser left me flying adjacent and without object strike. It was totally instinctual. Toggle release decision making would have been like building a nuclear weapon, beyond my scope. BASE 386 Jimmy in Cincy, call me again. If you're a friend of Jimmy's, pass the message. I don't have your phone number. Our pool's warmed up, grass is green and I need jump partner or I'm gonna have to get one of those motorized parachutes to fart around I am now an over forty farthead. 859-583-6383 Don't worry, I've got the FEDS on call block!!!!!!!
  11. base386


    I've lived and base jumped in Kentucky for 17 years, hope to continue 17 more. Would love to help you out but if your profile is correct, groundcrewing may be a better alternative. BASE 386 [email protected]
  12. Dennis, give me a call or email [email protected] Chesnut p.s. Just turned 40 yesterday. yeha(small cased lettering you know)
  13. NCBMSF3.... I've always wondered what the hell that means? Cheers 386
  14. Gear fear is not a bad thing, I believe. My greatest fear in life has been to pitch and only continue to accelerate. An unsecured bridle killed a jumper this past year.About 5 years ago, a now deceased jumper was referring to a jump he made from a sub 300' cliff in Moab area. He described walls on each side of the exit point extending out at 45 degree angles severely limiting how much of an off-heading could be dealt with.When asked if he jumped it and why, he replied..." I've got all brand new gear, what could happen?" Yes, he is still dead.
  15. Holy shit!! Am I seeing correctly, or just stoned...?? Is that you John this me?? 386