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  1. As a sport jumper it is a great place to go. You can always get on a load which is always to a minimum of 13,000ft. Recently I attended a freefly camp which was really beneficial to my progress. They had load organisers for all levels of freeflyers. I'll definitely be going to the next one that is planned. It's nice to go to a dropzone that welcomes both tandem and sport jumpers.
  2. I'm smart enough and careful enough, will do so in a week or two when I can get it hooked up etc.. Will let my cyber buddies know how it goes.
  3. Can you tell me about your downsize progression and weight etc...
  4. I could keep jumping the 155 but I have the 135 in the closet, I would be happy to sell it, but wouldn't like to regret not jumping it if it was actually suitable.
  5. What do you think about the loading though, I figure it at 121lbs + (I'm not sure of my exit weight probaby around 10lbs), thats a loading of 135/131 1.03. I hope I've worked that out properly.
  6. I need your opinions. Basically I am 55kg, 121lbs without gear. I have 80 jumps. Do I downsize to a Triathlon 135? Is it too soon or how many should I put on the 155? I have talked to quite a few instructors and most of them say they would be happy to put me under it because my wing loading is fine and I land well, and after all its a triathlon. I'm perhaps paranoid after an instructor told myself and friend (who is 119lbs to buy 170's and put a hundred jumps on them before downsizing which at loading of 1.2 seems strange) It doesn't matter how many jumps you have, some people never learn how to land, but I've always been a good lander and never try anything stupid. No matter how many people tell me to jump it, I just don't want to end up in a puddle of blood. Canopy progression: Manta's 280 & Fury 220's around 40 jumps. Triathlon 190 around 15 jumps Triathlon 175 around 8 jumps ZPEXE 155 about 10 jumps I jump in England and according to the BPA student regulations, I could jump this canopy on my 2nd jump, and the British are quite strict! Under the 155 I still feel like I'm putt putting along like an old car. I've jumped it in no winds and high winds. I feel completely confident under it. What do you think?