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  1. richwilk

    tandem reserve

    Gear checks are NEVER optional. 15K tandems, 20 tandem reserve rides, 11 different work locations, rigging consistently since 1985. NEVER assume the gear is in good order. Working knowledge of the DZ gear safety and functionality is basic responsibility. No one has ever questioned this attitude or the common sense reasoning. Slack and lazy don’t care for themselves and others. Your personal safety is equally as important as the customer/student/passenger. Equipment life and standards are all recommended. Generally in each jurisdiction there is a default adoption of manufacturer recommendations along with FAA standards. Airworthiness is an opinion as far as inspection. My attitude towards equipment life is largely influenced by a combination of use, age (which relates largely to UV exposure), original design and the state of current equipment design and expected performance. 25 years on a reserve is about time to retire it. At the very least performance and design has significantly improved to produce better and essentially safer products. I have a similar attitude with harness/containers. Recommendations are just that. They aren’t referred to as design limits unless specifically stated.
  2. richwilk

    Parachutes Australia Airforce reserve TSO or not

    PA has a service life on some equipment, the Airforce reserve is TSO’d and has the same life limits as the US- providing the rigger is prepared to certify its airworthy, there is no in service limit. Check the Parachutes Australia website. The other source for information is the Australian Parachute Federation website Australia. Cheers. PA BRAND DESCRIPTION PART NUMBERS SERVICE LIFE 26 ft Lopo Reserve Parachute P008 ( ) Indefinite Aerolite Reserve Parachute P015 Indefinite X300 Reserve Parachute P004 Indefinite X228 Reserve Parachute P003 Indefinite Hobbit Reserve Parachute P010 Indefinite Airforce Reserve Parachute P036R ( ) Indefinite Hang Glider Backup Chute P030 Indefinite Talon 3 and Talon FS Dual Pack & Harness Systems Serial Number 10533 onwards Container: 4111(2) Harness: 5111(2) Assembly: S025 Indefinite Telesis Dual Pack & Harness System (all models) Container: 4113(2) Harness: 5113(2) Assembly: S026 Refer SB9502 rev.3
  3. richwilk

    AAD fires

    In the last 10 years I’ve seen or been on the jump at big way events where at least 6 AAD activations have occurred because of low openings. In that time I know of at least 2 AFF students losing height awareness resulting in AAD activation whilst I was on the DZ. it does happen more often than reported.
  4. richwilk


    I work professionally and wanted a digital with better bigger display. I have used 3 Viso's. They last about 2000 jumps however display size is an issue with the 6000' and 5000' altitudes. Viso reliability is excellent. Both of the Altitrons I have used (one was replaced shortly after breaking, broke as a consequence of being dropped onto carpet covered cement floors. They are a nice unit with plenty of potential however the display is very fragile and breaks easily.
  5. It may be a guiness book of records record. however Skydive Cross Keys, 2005, 407 tandems...... Red Bull event, unfortunately not recognised/submitted to be recognised. 286 is a long way short but congratulations on a good effort.
  6. richwilk

    Crosskeys DZ lodging

    call the manifest ask about one of the trailers on the DZ Quote
  7. richwilk


    I have been using the JVC series of memory card cameras (GZ-MC200 and MC500) for the last couple of years. The cameras came standard with a removable mini disc drive. Removing the mini disc and installing a CF flash card means the video will record with out the known problems of disc based memory systems and freefall. I have made about 300 jumps using this system and it works fantastically. The cameras are no longer available domestically in the U.S. and I have been investigating the latest collection of next generation cameras (Sony CX series and the Canon VIXIA series), and they appear to be similar with higher level video recording in 1080i. The problems with the next generation cameras is not the flash memory recording but the use of Optical Image Stabilisation. OIS doesn't appear to be able to cope with camera buffet in freefall that well. The next Sony camera (CX12) may be a different matter however generally the flash memory works really well.