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  1. Website for Skydive Rotterdam: http://www.skydiverotterdam.com/en_index.htm enjoy Holland -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  2. A large photo gallery available on my website: www.parastuff.nl (it's listed under the news menu) enjoy! -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  3. Hello dave, I send you an email with the screensaver attached. Hope it works this time. Greetz, Koos -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  4. I have created a screensaver of swoop pictures, taken during the European Swooping Tour finals 2005 at Lake Bussloo (NL). You can find it at my website: www.parastuff.nl in the free stuff section. Enjoy! -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  5. Saskia (www.dragon2.nl) finished the Dutch Swoop Tour 2005 DVD after reviewing and editing hours of tape. Go here www.parastuff.nl/DVD2005.html for more info. -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  6. Thanks Jan and Jaap, I enjoyed the event also. I think all the competitors did as well. We'll do our best to make it even bigger and better next year. We are working on some ideas already. -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  7. I put a huge photo gallery on my website from the swoopdance at Lake Bussloo last 2 & 3 sep. Go to my website: www.parastuff.nl and look under the news menu. Enjoy! -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  8. Check out the site: http://www.swoopdance.com This swoop event is part of the European Swooping Tour and combined with a great dance festival on Saturday 3rd of september -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  9. Take a look here: www.parastuff.nl. go to the news menu and look at the king of swoop pictures -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  10. During my busy tasks as one of the judges of the competition, I also had the opportunity to take pictures. You can find the gallery on my website: http://www.parastuff.nl Look at the news menu and you will find your way to the pictures. Enjoy! -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  11. try the direct links: http://www.parastuff.nl/video/vx39.wmv http://www.parastuff.nl/video/swooptexel.wmv -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  12. It was Jay.... he couldn't win any more so he went for the show...... and he entered the gate and made the score -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  13. I'm sorry you can't open the files, I don't know what the problem is. You are the first from who I get this error. I will try to find out what the problem is. Greetz, Koos -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl
  14. I put two new movies on my website: one of the swoop at Texel and one of Luigi Cani flying his VX39 after the swoop at Texel. http://www.parastuff.nl ; at the bottum of the swoop menu -------------------- www.parastuff.nl www.skydivenews.nl