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  1. Oh and thinking of doing head proprioception/head repositioning between camera and non-camera jumpers if anyone's interested. But it's not the definate plan yet Sky Pikey
  2. Nice one, and I get free criticism for the lit review
  3. Does any one know if this research was completed? Or is still in progress? Sky Pikey
  4. Thanks for that, there are a few Germans on my course so hopefully they can help me with that Sky Pikey
  5. I'm studying Chiropractic in the UK and am looking to do my lit review and dissertation on skydiving injuries. Does anyone know of any other studies that would be of interest? Or any other help and advice would be most appreciated Sky Pikey
  6. on the whole nope, but there are a few of you that are worth it, but even the ones that aren't make good mates, when the're not cocks, but that goes for girls as well so.......... Sky Pikey
  7. You yanky's stop scarring me that i've forgotton sure i sent a card earlier in the year Sky Pikey
  8. Taffy

    Largest penis

    Hey hang on a second why haven't you got here before me Mom! come on sunshine xxxx Sky Pikey
  9. "Don't get married don't have children" - told me that ever since was in the womb, and yes she's still married and still loves her kids big time - i don't understand it either but always thought it was good advice and lived by it. As she always tells me i love my life too much the way it is and too selfish to have kids and i agree! Sky Pikey
  10. Nice opinion of UK jumpers! I've never known WARP coaches to make money. Thought the deal was usually slot and pack job paid for don't know what all dz's do. Sky Pikey
  11. Oh and the radio thing does get a little silly with deaf students/jumpers, but it is a dam busy runway. If no one says anything it usually means you doing alright - if it aint broke.........don't try and confuse them whilst they're still in the air Sky Pikey
  12. And if those 2 jumpers are so good then why not get the ratings? I don't remember being nearly as aware and good as I thought I was with that much experiance though. There's always WARP students who could swear they were falling down the tube as they zoom backwards into the distance or track away and end up going a few meters. The more you do the more you realise there is still to know and do before you're any good (I definately aint got there yet) Sky Pikey
  13. Which is fine untill one of those idiots causes you injury, but personal responsibility is always a good thing. If there's someone on my load doing something they aren't ready for I'd like to know about it, before they loose track of surroundings and end up in my airspace, before or after opening. And of course if it all goes wrong and you don't mind the rest of the dropzone still has to sort the resulting big mess out. Sorry if it's selfish but I prefer my jumping days to not be marred by a frap. Sky Pikey