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  1. talking about Beer, you gotta see that movie 'Beerfest' thats floating around at the moment. hahaha
  2. hahaha (55NKr) £5.50 a pint in Gardermoen Norway, had to resort to minesweeping after 4 pints! haha that didnt go down too well with the yokels.
  3. I remember back at the easter boogie in 94 when johnny G and darrell H muffed a load of us and decided to heat up the muff brother cattle brand by the bonfire that night and us newly muffed brothers taking our pants down ready to take that red hot brand on the ass ( Not knowing it was a joke ) haha I was fuckin scared but ready to take it! Thanks Johnny for the great memories and great sunset load bigways rest in peace brother
  4. sneaky

    Empuria Tunnel

    A windtunnel in Ampuria would be really cool Hope the project kicks off soon.
  5. yeah agree with that, the place is awesome and the yokel restaurants are nice.
  6. yeah I agree with you there, she looks shite you got to admire her though for having a baby at her age, you got to admire Tony even more for giving her one !!!!
  7. sneaky

    Manx Cats

    if you find a manx cat hard to come by or beyond your budget you could always take some rose clippers and make your own 'manx' cat.
  8. This is a disgusting act of cowardice ... I hope that they get screwed. I know a few angels in europe from the 'Chosen Few' and 'Red White Support' gangs and have rode with them on many occasions. They are the coolest nicest dudes around ...
  9. apart from the f+cking smell, a PM is quite interesting, the body is an amazing intricate mechanism. Big respect to the people who stick med school ...
  10. pictures are one thing but in real life its totally different ... Dead things stink, they really start to smell after a few days. Wanna know what burnt flesh smells like ? Roast Pork ... seriously ... If you have curiosity why not go and visit a university medical Mortuary and watch a Post Mortem examination ?
  11. swindons a fcukin violent shithole perfect if you like saturday night dancing, yeah second that, get down Bath direction
  12. This is freakin funny and very cool
  13. humorous reading though, too much point break and bad weather days this fella....
  14. thats great I love ADC!! Ford Fairlain was a classic
  15. hey did I forget Vienna ?? That is a rocking city, especially the Prater Stern when your full of beer. Or the Danube in the summer with all the skaters and outdoor bars & restaurants. If you get to Vienna maybe include a trip to Melk which is on the edge of Nieder Osterriech with its monestry and forested hills.
  16. great Advice, he also has a Podcast you can subscribe too on his website, just google 'travel with Rick Steves'. The good thing about this guy is a lot of his stuff is tailored for americans traveling in europe. If you go you gotta visit Berlin, that city rocks, full of history, architecture and awesome night life. Citys for a must visit - London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest
  17. you should try some skydiving dude, coz in 20 years your jump numbers are low ! Most of the 'ASSES' i know log a jump everytime the plane takes off so at least your honest ! Seriously ... everyone here gives great advice, just maybe try something new, watch all the episodes of '24' in every series over a weekend instead of going to the DZ, break the routine abit then slip into something new. The world is full of amazing things to do.
  18. does 'Bagpipe sex' mean anything to you?
  19. hey there boy, you wanna go out der and milk them cows and when you finished dat you come on in and wash dem der hands coz Momas serving up some fine fried chicken cooked in dem der old style and after dat we is gonna sit round the fire and play some country and talk about old uncle joe biting the head of a rattlesnake one time........yeeeeeeehaaaaaa
  20. My FAA doc had a good feel of my balls and stuck his index finger up my ass as part of my FAA Medical for the TM rating. Before he fingered my A hole I told him, whilst eyeing a rather nice shiny pen in his top pocket " thats a nice pen, give it too me if you want touch in my Holy Place ... " i still cherish that pen to this day, and it still works !
  21. contact chris miller at, hes BPA AFFI
  22. War Corporatism is the belief that a country engaged in warfare for a considerable period creates a corporate reliance upon war. The arms and related industries therefore end up attempting to control the outbreak of war in order to increase profits for their shareholders, large investors, and top corporate executives. War corporatism implies that companies who reap the benefits of war will constantly fight to keep the economy on a war footing in order to continue to profit and balance the economics of society as a whole. People critical of the US arms industry claim that the United States has become a prime example of war coporatism as it has been involved in near-constant warfare in some part of the globe since 1950, and point to the close ties of the political and industrial elites in the US. The links between Vice-President Dick Cheney and Halliburton are often used as an example.