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  1. Fast

    Old School Photo Editing

    Neat. My dad was just telling me about Ansel Adams who was basically doing a lot of the stuff we take for granted in photoshop in an actual darkroom, well before digital photography was even a thought in someone's mind.
  2. Cool and with mention of the facility being similar to Austin - a 14' recirc sounds great!
  3. Fast

    2013 Cheese Boogie

    If you know that you're coming to the boogie and are looking to getting a hotel room - you should book asap. They just announced a concert in the area (Jimmy Buffet) for that saturday and it will cause most of the hotel rooms to book up!
  4. Fast

    Instructor crush?

    Some DZ's have rules against it. Mostly cause it's typically going the other way, male instructor trying to sleep with impressionable girl students. Also, heh - reality check here. If you're a dude, in an AFF class, with almost no jumping experience and no time around the sport - you are gonna have to be exceptionally amazing as a person in personality, looks or both to get her attention. It's like 2:1 dudes to chicks (or worse) on a dropzone, she likely has more attention than she knows what to do with. That said, hey - you never know if you don't ask right?
  5. Fast

    First time at a tunnel . Any advice

    Best bet is to call the tunnel and ask them their recommendations. Explain what you have going on and what you want to work on and they will sort it out best for you and them. The tunnel is cool, have fun!
  6. Fast

    "Partially" Ruptured Disc?

    A Sports Medicine Clinic that has a spinal specialist is where you really should be going, imo.
  7. Yeah these pics are great!
  8. With two average skydivers doing the rodeo it falls at a pretty comfortable sit fly / head down speed. The biggest trick is having a base flyer that is able to realize what is going on and deal with how the person is moving around on their back. They tend to be moving forward or backwards while in the rodeo.
  9. Fast

    Recovering video from wet CX100

    Sit it in a bag of desiccant for a few days. That should dry it out. Give it a shot then. It doesn't have a hard drive, it uses memory chips. If that doesn't work, you could prolly send it to sony to have them see if they could recover the data? Dunno about that. The only other thing to try is if it doesn't turn on, you might need to wash it in distilled water, good soak with no batteries in it (dunno if it has an internal battery which could make that problematic) and then dry it out for a week in desiccant. Those are the things that come to my mind.
  10. The reality of things is that you haven't included all the available options. If im on a group skydive of any sort I will use the altimiters of the other people im jumping with in combination with the fact that I most often wear a dytter of some sort and am capable of jumping w/o an alimiter. I have had it happen a handful of times that someone on the plane forgot their altimeter and who would need it more than I would. So I have given them mine to use and just jump without one.
  11. Fast

    Chin Cup Unclips during climbout

    Well, not quite the same situation, but I have been on tandem videos where after exit I realized I didn't do the final tightening of my chin cup. I have a 2-5 second period of time in which I don't need to use my arms much and will fix the problem then. On a big way with video I think it would be harder to do that. I think i would let them exit w/o me and leave after the last diver of the formation, fix the problem and get into position. My GF had her chin cup break on an AFF jump. She had to hold her helmet on with one hand and control the student with the other, that was a lot of work. Other than that the skydive went pretty well for her, the student and other AFFI
  12. Fast

    NEWBIE seeks advice

    There are some experts on here regarding larger guys, but my understanding is that at 275 you're going to have a hard time finding traditional sport gear that works for you (legally) Tandem Weight Limit is 500 pounds including the tandem rig, any other gear, passenger and instructor. (Just fyi, some people have been known to be willing to take the heavy guys cause they are lower weight skilled/strong instructors.)
  13. Fast

    tandem insturctor pay;search_string=pay;#3484416 Also, searching this sub-board will yield 22 pages of results for the word "pay" This topic has been pretty beat to death.