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  1. Good luck with the jump -- wish I could be there with Roger, Bill, et al, to say good-bye to our dear friend. As with many others, I will be there in spirit! What a wonderful lady in every sense. Loved jumping with her and the West Point club in the mid 90s, and then having the opportunity to reconnect at various times and places over the years! Miss you, Queen . . . BSBD
  2. Never gets easier saying good-bye to great friends. I was shocked and saddened to hear the news, but fortunate to have done many, many big-ways with Burt while he was with us in this life. Rest easy, brother.
  3. My condolences to the family, and my thanks to Loy for helping build the sport that we have today. It was always good to talk with him and have a few beverages when we were in Tucson. A round in his honor during our next trip in January is absolutely in order! Blue Skies, Loy . . .
  4. Passion . . . energy . . . love . . . life! Ron had them all (in abundance) and shared them freely with all of us that were fortunate enough to know him. Mike and Patty Woods gave us the sad news at ZHills yesterday. But, there was work to do and a tandem student ready to jump. She could see the pause that I took after hearing the news, but the jump was great, and afterwards, while not fully appreciating the gravity of our loss, went to the fridge, grabbed a beer, and toasted Ron who she knew flew with us. Even from "up there" Ron's spirit is still positively impacting us! Patty is making plans for a ZHills (and I think Deland too) ash jump, and in true Ron fashion, I can only imagine the party! In fact, probably need to start cleansing/purging the liver now! We'll miss you, brother! Blue Skies to all of our friends you've joined on the ultimate Big Way!
  5. What horrible, sad news. A gentle soul who raised a wonderful skydiving family, and man, getting some of Rose's fried chicken at a Nationals or 300-way was one of life's true pleasures! The entire U.S. Special Operations Command parachute team sends our deepest condolences. Kirk Knight, Keith Walter, Andy Serrano, and I offer our support in any way needed. We hope Chris is in town or able to get back to say good bye to his Mom. Cris Fucci
  6. not too many weeks go by when we don't tell a raff story! for the folks that didn't know him, it usually starts with, "man, you should've known paul rafferty . . . he was amazing." sure the crew will toast him a few times over the coming weeks in az. we miss him, but we know his spirit is always flying with us.
  7. Good-bye brothers. Thank you for your service to your country and for your dedication and commitment to our sport. You both positively touched so many people, leaving a legacy that will endure your passing. I will miss you both deeply, but rest well knowing that every memory I have of Bob was that he was HAPPY! Retirement surely agreed with him! Danny was, well, Danny! Very different men in many respects, but both LIVED life to the fullest. Several of us will attend the ceremonies on Friday, but for the SOF community that can't join us, I know they send their deepest sympathies. The senior USAF CCT/PJ community is well-aware and monitoring the updates. Blue Skies, Cris Fucci LTC, USA USSOCOM Parachute Team
  8. Thank you! I completely understand Mike's "priorities" and in fact, am immediately quitting my job and joining him for some dedicated attention to this group! When I talked to him the other day, he mentioned that he landed a "2-stack" on the beach in Puerto Rico -- and I thought he was talking about some kind of parachute deal . . . Blue Skies! Cris
  9. Trying to contact Mike to schedule a CRW seminar at Z-Hills in the next few weeks. We need to know his seminar fees and availability. If someone can please post good contact info, or have him e-mail me his data at [email protected], we'd greatly appreciate it. Blue Skies, Cris Fucci
  10. Johnny Gates LIVED life, and brought Blue Skies to all of us that were fortunate enough to know and love him. He was a rare, beautiful, and genuine soul that graced this earth with his presence. In the midst of sorrow, we can only smile knowing that when the call comes for your final break-off, Johnny's last formation set the example. HEY ASSHOLE -- we'll miss you, but you'll ALWAYS be #1 (with the middle digit extended!) with me! Van Break has left the building, but now can fly on for eternity! Just think of the skydivers he's joined and the amazing flying they're doing with smiles all around . . . Good-bye, my friend. Cris Fucci MB-803