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  1. Oh yeah, sorry. This show has a segment with Patrick De Gayardon, so it's at least 5 years old.
  2. Yes: TUESDAY 8/12/2003 1:00PM - 1:30PM HIGH FIVE Base Jump Jumping from buildings, bridges and any other land based objects is the core to base jumping. Highly illegal generally which seems to be part of the thrill! Jumps at night and also in broad daylight and the risk that the parachute may not open are all part of the thrill.
  3. Saw most of this show today; the next airdate is next Tuesday early in the AM. Still don't know how they manage to stay in freefall for ten minutes, must be the air or something... Outdoor Life Network ( TUESDAY 8/5/2003 2:30AM - 3:00AM HIGH FIVE French Boogie Skydivers are thrown in to the air at 3000 meters and free fall for 10 minutes. The idea of the boogie is to forget the competition spirit in order to have fun. It is a great occasion to freestyle alone or in groups, with boards or wings. At Brienne le Chateau in France, the French boogie brings together lots of people with the same passion and enjoyment for this sport.
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  6. I'm in the habit of not using anti-virus software I don't open e-mail attachments from people I don't know and I only download certain types of files from certain types of sites. The result had been the only virus to infect my PC's are sold by MicroSoft, i.e. Windows XP/98 etc., and I've always kept those systems updated. (BTW, I am not inviting anyone to try to infect me here, just pointing out that a few sensible precautions make getting a virus almost on the order of an immaculate infection.) Now, if you're into d/l-ing game scenarios created by third parties and things of that nature, i.e. websites you can't reasonably expect to be looking out for your best interests maybe Noron or McAfee are a condom- then again, maybe not: This site is new to me but the info I've read there has pretty much validated my approach all these years, YMMV.
  7. Correct. I think I would have pulled SOMETHING before I ran into anything large and heavy. My concern at that time was that the JM might have been pulling at the handle too. I swear he hid it on me after the PRCP's! Don't want to hijack the thread, but, man, everybody's asking me that (and "whereTF YOU been?) Like I ended up on a milk carton... I'll be out there this week.
  8. First AFF? (This was jump 4 after three tandems BTW) The JM wrote: Good exit, good COA, good PRCP's, gave lrgs out signal- no response. Started going for pull just below 8000, could not find handle. At 5.5 JM prompts for pull, good solo pull at 5.5 Good canopy control and landing. --oo The debrief went something like: "Why'd you go for the pull at 8k?" "Beats the hell out of me. I knew I was pulling at 5 something, maybe I was doing some math, like 13,500 minus 5500 equals 8000? I don't know." "And why didn't you pull at 5.5?" "After I couldn't find the handle I figured you were goinna pull for me, and I didn't want to get tangled-up." I didn't screw-up the canopy control- that came latter- but as far as landing all I can say is they'd have to drop me from a helluva lot higher than 13.5 for me to miss the planet. Mistakes will be made, that's why it's called "training", right? Congrats on your first jump!
  9. Hi! I did my first two (tandem) jumps at Crosskeys a couple of years ago during the Americas Cup competition, and it was so busy I thought the place was nuts! WHat you saw was a little calmer than all of that... It's very easy to get to know the people there, even for a total flake like me, so you should have no problems. I've made arrangements with my boss to be sick this week, probably Wednesday, so I can go over and get a re-currency jump in. It makes it a bit easier on the staff to do those types of jumps during the week as opposed to the weekends, for what may be obvious reasons, but if the weekend is the only time good for you you might want to give them a call first to see what's up. Send mail and let me know when you're going.
  10. Whoops, definitely posted to the wrong thread. My bad.
  11. Huh. I weigh 164, so plus 25 is 189; therefore if I wanted to stay within the proposed 1/1 guidlines I'd need a 190? Shoot, if I got a 170 I'd be at 1.117647059 to 1 AINT THAT CLOSE ENOUGH?! No, really. How tight are we gonna call this stuff?Quote