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  1. You are FUCKING RETARDED Bill. And yes, that was a Personal Attack! Do you listen to yourself ever? ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  2. Not during the interview .. your right!!! But I thought I would point out that Darius and Amadijan(SP?) both believe that!!! ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  3. how is that relevant to my post???? Oh wait, it isn't. But then I could I expect YOU to stay on topic? Silly me. You should run for office, you'd make a fine politician ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  4. Like what DARIUS??? That all JEWS Should DIE? ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  5. HE was elected.... Yup. And I trust the elections in IRAN were as fair as the ones in IRAQ before SH was taken down. Funny how people in the US think our voting process is corrupted, but IRANs must be on the up and up!!!! Stupid people!!!! Hitler in the 30's was a crazy sabre rattler too. No one took him real serious. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  6. Bill, Wendy et al Your responses do not surprise me. Simply calling Ahmadinejad a sabre rattler is a mistake. Funny, we here in the US thought Hitler was a joke too until it was almost too late. To me it is very sad when supposedly educated people like yourself make the mistake of not taking crazy people seriously. Ahmadinejad clearly wants every Jew in the world dead, and has the will to do it. Isn't it amazing that right before the UN vote on Irans Nuke ambitions, Hezbolla (with Irans backing) started to cause more problems for isreal... Distraction anyone? I am not going to try to convince you otherwise Bill, it is about as useful as you trying to convince me Liberalism will save the world However, I just wanted to put my thoughts out there so when the real war begins you can remember this post warning you. Have fun inside your bubble ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  7. If only the world were as simple as you describe it. Unfortunately the Left in America has ignored the fact that Iran's pres, Ahmadinejad, is the second coming of Hitler. Am I exagerating???? No. He has made it very clear that his intentions are to "Wipe Isreal off the face of the earth". Now, Ahmadinejad probably doesn't have the means to do that right now, but he is trying desperately to develop those means. As of now the only difference between Hitler and Ahmadinejad is the Means... Not the WILL. This war between hezbola and Isreal was a proxy war between the US and Iran. That is all it was, and unfortunately, the US came out on the losing side. We looked like a bunch of pussies IMO. Like it or not Isreal is an ally of the USA, and it is our job to help them and defend them. We know Iran is helping Hezbolla! The lefties in this country do NOT have the stomach for a war with IRAN. But, it needs to be done. The lefties make the mistake of blaming the US for the problems in the Middle east saying it is US policy there that causes the problem. It is just not the case. It is simply religious ideology in the region. It always has been, and always will be! Until the world wakes up to this fact, we in the west are in deep deep shit. Our middle east policy is not going to change the minds of the Muslim fundamentalists. If the US left the middle east tomorrow do you truely believe the fighting there would stop? Do you think Terrorism in the west would stop? Do you think the attempted irradication of the Jews would stop? Do you think we should wait until someone like Ahmadinejad gets nuclear weapons. War sucks. But sometimes they are nessesary. Iran's government needs to go... Sooner rather than later. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  8. I am not a Jew and can't answer for them, but I do find what you are saying amusing at best. ???? I seem to remember Palastinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Egyptians, and Iranians (Though they are not muslim they are persian) Dancing in the Fucking streets. To this day there are MANY muslim groups who still say the US got what it deserved. As far as the current conflict, The reason you hear support for Isreal is because they are not commiting "War crimes as you call them". They are defending their country. They have been for years. I have never seen a country take SOOOO Much shit and not fight back. They IMO are well with in their rights. If the leboneese (sp?) can not stop Hezbolla from attacking Isreal, then Isreal has to do it until an international force can come in and take over. If the same thing happened with the Mexico, trust that the US would be over the border taking care of business if the Mexican army couln't do the job. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  9. And you are entitled to your opinion, But comparing Walmart to Tabacco companies is a bit of a stretch even for you Bill. First let me say I smoked for 13 yrs.... I will be smober (Smoking sober) for exactly 7 months tomorrow. No one is dying from too much walmart shopping OK. Tobacco companies intentionally marketed DEADLY products to children. A product they KNEW contained chemical which would cause cancer in those who used it. Sorry Bill, but I have to call you out on this one.... Not even a close comparison. Chris ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  10. As I am sure most of you figured... the website is unreachable... I think their servers are a tad overloaded. It is going to be at ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  11. Funny how many people here don't like wal mart, or think they have comitted some crime because some "Mom and Pop" store had to close.... Tough... That's life, and that is business. Walmart exists because they fill a need or a desire of the people. If people didn't shop there, they wouldn't exist. So whose fault is it? Yours, or your parents, or your cousins or grandparents, or maybe your friends.... But, How come people don't bitch about Home Depot or Lowe's fo pushing out the local hardware store or lumber yard? Or Stop and Shop (east coast) for pushing out small pharmacies and grocery stores? It is called Progress people. Americans want one stop shopping, Efficiency, and cheaper prices a lot more than they want personalized more expensive service at grocery stores pharmacies and hardwarestores. It is as simple as that. The stores aren't the evil ones. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  12. I found the movie very entertaining.... However, some of the information given in the movie had no factual basis as it related to reality... I found it amazing, that some of these "Experts" and PHDs would even want their name associated with some of these crazy hypothesis. What was said about QP was true, but how the realities of QP related to our lives is anyones guess. Sure it is true that multiple states of being and placement exist in QP, no unifying theory or connection to regualr Synoptic physics has ever been made.... Mostly entertainment... that is what the movie was. Someone who took too much acid and came up with some far fetched ideas ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  13. in what sense? Murdock has often been refered to as part of a right wing conspiracy... In fact, MANY people on this site say that often. Many people on this site say you can NOT trust anything Foxnews says because Murdock a known right winger owns the station.... I wonder what they will say now.... hmmm ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  14. [url,0,4855556.story?coll=ny-leadnationalnews-headlines[/url] BY GLENN THRUSH WASHINGTON BUREAU May 9, 2006 WASHINGTON -- A founding father of the vast right-wing conspiracy is throwing a July fundraiser in New York for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's re-election campaign. Rupert Murdoch, the devoutly conservative Australian-born founder of Fox News and owner of the New York Post will fete a Democrat who is the very embodiment of left-wing excess to his viewers and readers, a source in Clinton's camp said. That person said Murdoch's move doesn't represent a shift in his core beliefs, but signals his recognition that Clinton has done a good job in the Senate. Murdoch held a similar fundraiser several years ago for Sen. Charles Schumer, who also is a Democrat. The Clintons, who have a penchant for de-fanging their enemies, have been cozying up to Murdoch for several years. The senator chatted him up at a recent Fox News anniversary party. And some media critics have even noted that Fox's talking heads don't pillory Hillary Clinton quite like they used to. In November, Newsday reported that Murdoch's News Corp. paid the Glover Park Group, whose principals include Clinton advisers Howard Wolfson and Gigi Georges, about $200,000 in an unsuccessful effort to block TV ratings changes. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty
  15. does any of this really surprise you anymore? Sure, when I was a kid there was not internet... (well, maybe a small one at Bell labs or something), but my parents where always asking where are you going, what are you doing, who are you with, when will you be back? Sure, it sucked as a kid, but you know what? They were doing their Job. Something many parents today know nothing about. ----------------------------------------------------- Sometimes it is more important to protect LIFE than Liberty