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  1. To me, Nicks post wasn't about risks and proper training of new jumpers. It was the n-th complaint about the loss of the good'ol days and the fact that Base is getting more publicity now than it got 20 years ago. I'm just getting tired of that. I totally agree that it's pretty stupid to illegally jump an object and then make a big thing out of it cause you will of course ruin it. But if you do some cool jumps off mountains where noone cares, I don't think it's oh so bad to speak about it. How should our sport evolve if everybody would hide in their bushes? I'm very old-school and more than careful when it comes to new jumpers, but that is not the subject of this thread.
  2. Duude, get over it and stop tellin us over and over again how much better it was in the good'ol golden days. Things are changing, and not only in Base. That's the way of everything. I'm a skier and fuck yeah, there's about 10 times more people skiing off-piste now then there have been 10-20 years ago and as a result it's getting harder and harder to get freshies. Where you could find untouched pow weeks after a snowfall you now have a couple of hours before it's all gone. It's exactly the same thing: it started with films, photos, extreme-skiing-competitions and media and industry using the extreeeme image to sell their products. And since it's called "freeriding" every kid has a pair of fat skis and wants to go big. And I can't blame them - it's a lot of fun, so wtf? In some places areas have been closed for skiers due to the increased numbers of people skiing there and the impact that has on nature - that's pretty much the same thing like a burned object. Still, I never heard anybody blame the guys making those movies or going for the comps for ruining the pow for the old guys. In some ways it might suck, but on the other hand it's cool as a whole industry has evolved out of that movement and the gear we have nowadays is 10 times better than the stuff we had before. It's not our mountains anyhow, so how could we expect to have them for ourselfs only?
  3. oh my god... it's true... last year there was this group of tourist-girls on a bus-trip sitting outside the Horner and yes, they were fat, drunk and horny, so in one word ugly and somehow thinking they could have us. brrrrr...
  4. Cool, looks like fun. But why dont you guys use pulleys, like for a tyrolean? That would be much better for the cable edit: better for the cable = less damage to the cable
  5. Yes, and as the past has shown, it can't be said often enough...
  6. I'm sure you wanted to say "Interlaken, which is basically the outdoor-tourist-ride capital of Europe"
  7. Looks like old skydiving-gear to me, incl pod and real noice asymetric pc
  8. I've really no scientific data by any means and don't even have a map handy to measure the distances, but I can give u some visual info about tracking in the swiss valley. Humming it in jeans and t-shirt going from LM I usually open over the landing (between treeline and street), going from YO I usually open just above treeline (both without doing aerials). Vertical is more than 1400 ft though if u track that far. Pretty cool idea
  9. I build a helmet cam setup for a 661 flight helmet (moto x) for a jump where i wanted top-protection. Skydiving-helmets offer no protection at all imho. I used a metal L with 2 velcro-straps at 90° and glued the whole thing to the helmet. I also put a little screw into of the screwholes that usually hold the visor, it makes it a lot easier to adjust the angle of the cam. I used a silicone-like glue with no thinners or similar that would destroy the helmet. Works perfectly, even for downhill-mtb (well, there you actually feel the weight-disbalance). Don't have the helmet here, otherwise I would post a pic.
  10. Yo man, glad you're ok. Considering that you were on your own, I imagine it would have made your day somewhat less enjoyable to break something on landing Reminds me of on old saying: better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than to be in the air wishing you were on the ground.
  11. obi

    Engelberg spot info

    Hello, I m in Engelberg for a while and am looking for spot-info. Skis, wingsuit, whatever. I m ok with alpine approaches. Anybody who can share some info please pm me. Thanks. Obi