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  1. Jump from 30k - don't know why but it's always appealed to me for some reason - booked for the 3rd October so I will tell you how it goes Cenote (cave) diving on the Yucatan peninsula which is booked for November. Learn to free dive. Build an igloo with the Inuit. I find my bucket list grows faster than I can tick things off but I'm trying hard!
  2. I've been delighted with mine and the video quality far outstrips what I was expecting. Send me your email ([email protected]) and I'll try and put some footage up for you to look at.
  3. Strewth these guys are slow at putting articles up. Been checking back regularly to read it but beginning to give up hope
  4. Any luck with posting some footage DSE? Keen to see what it looks like!
  5. I asked GoPro about this and this was the response:
  6. Karen, any chance of putting some of the video up somewhere that's easy to get at? Tried to find you on Facebook but couldn't see any video on your photography entry.
  7. I'm trying to get GoPro to lend me one to try and get some footage. I've looked at other options but quite frankly, for somebody interested in a POV debriefing tool for 4 and 8-way RW jumps I think it looks interesting. If I can persuade GoPro I'll put some footage up for you guys to check out... Just for info it take videos at 512x384 at 30fps, and stills at 5mpxs every 2 seconds if set...
  8. Most of the video on the GoPro site looks pretty good quality, and as a debrief camera for POV I think it would be ideal. It's a shame there's no footage on Vimeo of RW or freeflying to compare with MiniDV etc. Here's the clincher, it's pretty cheap! Seriously though $189 looks pretty good value. I also like the fact I can strap the thing to my dive mask and take it diving next time I'm getting wet.
  9. I was thinking of investing in a http://www.goprocamera.com/index8.htm GoPro Helmet Hero Wide to use skydiving. Apparently they have adhesive mounts which would fit my Factory Diver well and they have been tested skydiving and on the side of racing cars so shouldn't come off. Question is: Has anyone tried one and any comments on the video/stills quality?
  10. I'd like to spray paint my Factory Diver to match my new jump suit and forthcoming rig (I"m getting fat in my old age - hence the new jumpsuit ). Questions are: What paint to use? Do you have to be careful of particular paints or does anything go? Anyone know anyone in the UK who can do a nice job spray painting and sealing it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Janine muffed me last Friday - 4321 has got to be the worlds easiest number ever to remember. Muff, muff, muff fellow assholes!