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  1. 721taggart

    blind jumpers?????

    Sonny Yates was a sky driver in the '60 who went blind after about 200 jumps. He contacted Carl Boenish to film the jump for a Life Magazine article. The jump took place at Elisnore, California in about 1967. It was a planned 30 second delay from 7500 feet. It was an easy decision to have Sonny exit first as the base for a three way formation. Kevin and I closed the three way formation and Carl Boenish got the shots he wanted. The plan was for Sonny to count to 30 and then pull his ripcord regardless of what was going on. Sonny told us after the jump that he had counted to 35 before Kevin and I released him. His opening went fine. The ground crew was able to talk him in with the radio Sonny had. The landing was perfect. I believe Sonny made a few other jumps, but I can't remember for sure. A big story broke in Vietam and Life Magazine pulled the blind jumper article. Garth Taggart SCR-38
  2. 721taggart

    start of "BOOGIE"

    cpoxom has the Richmond Boogie history correct, including the "Keep on Trucking" cartoon character. I'll just add one more fact. In the 2nd annual "Richmond Skydiving Show" Souvenir Program, there is a list of skydiving terms. Boogie is listed. Boogie: The term was brought back from the New Zealand International Parachuting Competition. It applies to having a great time either jumping, dancing, partying, or going away to a parachuting meet, etc. Garth Taggart SCR 38