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  1. sounds cool. COunt me in. I have S Fly Verso x 2 and S Fly Expert. It seems the S Fly suits are not in the highest demand but they are really great. You think they would rent? JT
  2. Thanks DSE! And man I could not agree more about ChrisD twisting BS up beyond recognition. What an unbelievably odd and unfounded stance to take. Oh well. All the best JT
  3. pretty simple to see why i was looking for a black female wingsuit pilot now that you view this, huh? Why be a hater? http://vimeo.com/85958793
  4. Here is to the haters: http://vimeo.com/85958793
  5. Update on this. I found a girl that I have good confidence in. I think it came from networking through this thread, but i am not sure. Hard to keep it all straight... I asked everyone i knew and many i didn't now. We start training tomorrow and I appreciate all the help here. Thank you. JT I will update this thread when the commercial is out!
  6. Hello all on this thread First off, thank you for the helpful PMs to those who have thrown me a bone. As for the strange posts about bigotry or pointing out a flaw in my effort here, the explanation is very simple. In commercial and movie shoots that involve action, there is almost always an element of casting the stunt double. Sometimes the actor or actress being doubled is tall and you need a tall double. Sometimes the actor or actress is short or fat and the double is chosen accordingly. In this case, the actress being doubled is black and is female so the stunt double is being searched for accordingly. "hot" is not actually part of the criteria in this case. Just black and female. Hair and make up can do a lot from there. It is not accurate to say "african american" because it is irrelevant the if the double is american, or african, or cuban, or french west indie or indian or mexican. We just naturally dark skinned with a specialized skill set (skydiving skills, preferably wingsuit skills). In general, the results of this post have been very helpful and I am glad that I resorted to posting here. Thanks again JT
  7. Hello there For a paying photo shoot that I am organizing I am looking to find a female black wingsuit pilot of a descent skill level. Any leads? Thank you. Please PM or post info here.
  8. YES. All monkeys must now open within 50 foot radius of each other, otherwise, clearly a rule has been broken. We got the new sport of proximity parachute opening off to a great start on your birthday.
  9. Through a mutual friend and the hype around this effort, I have become a fan of Gary. I hope that he has thought of every variable and that he clambers out of the boxes smiling. Staying curiously tuned... Good luck Gary!
  10. Interesting that you bring this up as I have considered these parallels which are aplenty. Some days skinny skis are better than fats, sometimes if you are on skinny skis you are hugely disadvantaged. Similarly, in WS flying, there are mountains that are better flown with a big suit and mountains better suited for a small suit (many in norway come to mind) Like fat skis, big suits make performance very easy to find. Big suits also have proven to accelerate the learning curve of the sport. A difference may be that fat skis make skiing soft snow arguably safer, while a big wingsuit brings some danger issues, however there is a flip suit to that coin... or maybe it is safer to fly a big suit in the mountains, in case you need to out fly a significant distance. I have lots of skis. I have lots of wingsuits. It is good to be spoiled and have enought time to play with all the toys.
  11. I would love to see these cut aways for the ankle/ heel mount that you speak of. A picture would be rad. I think this is a great angle, and I have been using it. That I have done is simply take the head strap mount, stripping it of the over the top of the head strap and using the other strap to go around my foot, such that the camera mount is on the back bottom of my heel. I reinforce with duct tape for stability. Here is a link to the head strap I mentioned: http://gopro.com/camera-mounts/head-strap-mount/ I have no cutaway and that scares me...
  12. jtholmes

    new sfly

    the Elite suit combines a bunch of features that i prefer from verso, expert and pro fly. Just received mine... haven't tried it out yet.
  13. indeed Jokke and Dom have been getting after it! would love to see that video you speak of, and like she said, Trond, I never claimed this to be a hardcore video, it is just a sunny little feel good edit. And who cares who paid for it anyway? Does it make something cooler if you paid for it with your own money?
  14. http://www.porterstahoe.com/2010/04/high-speed-fly-by.asp http://www.porterstahoe.com/2010/04/high-speed-fly-by.asp
  15. Who is using what? who is happy with what? I want high quality HD, and I want ease of use, ease of import and edit. I know there is all this GO Pro/COntour business going on right now, that is great, but I am not convinced that the lenses and over quality is as good. I have had trouble with stable mounting of my countour. I am thinking CX100, but have done some searches and see reviews of them being difficult to make Mac compatible and difficult to use with imovie. I am thinking along the lines of traditional video camera manufacturers, SONY , Panasonic, etc... and throw it on top of a new Cookie OZONE helmet. I have found that GO Pro/ countour is just not as crisp and clean as SOny HD and panasonic HD. Whats small and rad and easy? Thanks for your two cents jt
  16. i am really pleased. 60 minutes treated us very well, they treated the local people really well, paid them on time for their guiding services etc... they also brought an all star crew of cameramen and top notch equipment
  17. I am curious what they will show tomorrow night, for sure they have A plus images. Julian shot air to air, espen came around, and of course you saw tom erik and me... I will be interested to hear what everyone here thinks
  18. after reviewing the footage, it appears that you did not have a fully open parachute when you hit the snow. That is probably what caused the injury.
  19. I am planning to be there saturday with 3 or 4 people all with wingthingys. unfortunately, our skill level is so advanced, you probably wont be able to keep up. good luck tryin! jt
  20. adn i was the one who (in this thread) first jumped in on the other side of the argument... I did WS and WS base quite early but not as early as many since, however, I did not fall in love with WS flying and WS base until I had much more experience. after my first handful of WS base flights i ended up leaving the suit in the closet and got fascinated with base tracking. it was not til i got my S FLy almost 2 years later and was a much more experienced jumper that I really started to enjoy and embrace wingsuit base jumping and WS in general. I had the opportunity to fly in norway with Loic in 07 and constantly picked his brain. "how do i get good?" "what's the secret?" "I want to fly like you..." his reply was one that i will not forget. he said " think about skiing. you will never be the best skier if you do not have a solid racing background (soiid fundamentals of the sport). The best way to get good at flying is to fly your body,lots, get the basics down with lots of relative work jumps, wingsuiting is the same fundamentals as relative work." that, more or less, is what loic told me (sorry Loic if i mis-quoted, but I know that is pretty close) since I have become a more skilled skydiver/base jumper i have enjoyed and excelled at wingsuiting much much more.
  21. i had somewhere under 50 skydives when i tried out my skyflier 1. all went well, i kept jumping it and took it off a mountain when i had about 40 airplane flights. a wingsuit is an article of clothing made specifically for skydiving. there is no reason that that should interfere with having a safe routine skydive.
  22. my skydive set up is a Nitron 135. i weigh 175 pounds. i find it to be pretty sweet for any sort of clothing, shorts, jeans, S-fly expert, V2, track pants. i think i got some line twists once or twice, but it was no big deal.
  23. You act like this is odd, that virgin burner jumped a beginner wingsuit with 80 jumps or something. thats common place in california and the well respected BMIs lend a hand to people of comporable levels. it might be because we are so god damned talented and over all quick learners here in the trend setting west coast of the best country in the world (joke) or it might be that the internet crew is just rather old fashioned. many of the jumpers around here that are keen to wingsuit fly give it a go around 40 jumps. i felt ready to give my skyfler a go at 35 jumps. no problem doing that and no problem getting into an airplane. it is just a piece of clothing. it is specifically designed for skydiving and thats what we are using it for.
  24. jupp the exact same segment is in there.