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  1. Thanks, I am looking into coaching. I wish more places had it. I don't have a home dz and am not real close to any. I do intend on trying the stall piont you made. thanks for the input
  2. More like 450but swooping a pond isn't necessarily what I'm looking for. There are more flight characteristics then in the landing. And I do intend on keeping my Spectre, I still have fun under it
  3. Underloading 1:1 my exit weight is 140 and to jump a 135 or 120(eliptical) is underloading. Not that I think wing loading is everything. Sometimes it helps get a feel for the design and function of the canopy. It just seems difficult to find the flare when I'm off my 7 cell spectre. I'm not sure if I'm flaring too soon or too late or what. Just wanted to hear the progression of others and what sticks out as a common error.
  4. I wanted to know if someone out there can help me figure out what i am doing wrong and how to correct it. I currently jump a Spectre 135 and I'm trying some different canopies to see what I'm looking for. The problem I am having is everytime I try a 9-cell I always biff in the first landing. I can't seem to figure out the flare up high causing a sometimes painful landing. The last I jumped was a Hurricane 120. I am still underloading it but that's fine. It was a great deal more responsive in the harness. I loved it! When it came to the landing, I believe I flared too late and surfed too low then had no room for the nice lift at the end It didn't help that the container was far too large for my frame. I had a hard time reaching the slider and the leg straps weren't nearly tight enough. Any suggestions?
  5. They put out a service notice then charge for the repairing the defect. Thay didn't give my rigger the wholesale price on parts which were passed on to me. Then they couldn't deliver when they said and charged me for faster shipping. Not to mention they gave me a really bad looking repack with the housing cable in front of the rings so bad that three riggers stoped me to check it out. It was lumpy, loose and the pilot material was sticking out. You decide.