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  1. Does anyone know if the Raeford DZ will be running loads during the week? I'll be out there from Wed-Sun. So I planned on coming out for the Golden Knights Black and Gold inter-service competition/boogie. But due to difficulties in manning it, they postponed it or canceled it. Just saw it on the GK website. I have my plane tix and leave planned - too late to cancel or change. Anyone else in the same boat heading out that way? Maybe some folks will still be doing jumps at Raeford want to get together? Cheers, Steve-O
  2. *** Free Skydive to all Jumpers who volunteer to land in our jump airplane - In the name of pilot training and proficiency. *** That is what the headline should read from your local DZ mailing list. Hello, I'm proposing a poll to see if skydivers would be willing to land with the jump airplane once a month. Their jump ticket would be covered by the DZO and S&TA. This landing would be to aid in the training an proficiently of the jump pilots. If they are a new pilot maybe they would first see a demo of a heavy-weight return conducted by the chief pilot, and eventually practice once a month. As a pilot or skydiver, you don't want to be performing your first "heavy-weight emergency return" under actual emergency or abnormal conditions. We skydivers have a hanging harness that we use to practice our cutaways and EPs but jump pilots only have the airplane. Their is no substitute for actual practice. We all know that canopies fly differently at different wing loadings, well guess what... an airplane performs very different when it is heavily loaded and or with a different CG. It is probably a good thing to know how it is going to fly before going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of Aircraft Malfunctions trying to land with a few SOBs (Souls on Board). This may seem like an odd question, why would I expose myself to this risk of landing in the jump airplane for what seems like a recreational and unnecessary landing? Well I propose that we use good Operational Risk Management (ORM) to mitigate our risk. This practice heavy-weight return would be conducted on the second load after the pilot has warmed up their hands and mind, conducted early in the day before fatigue sets in, and only with calm conditions. This will only leave the CG and weight as the different variables. What is my experience with these types of landings? Well jumping in Colorado on a load with all experienced jumpers (500 ish jumps) we decided it would be smart to get in the air during 30 MPH winds with gusts. The pilot got a wind check and the ground was reporting winds around 40 MPH now. So we landed in the airplane. I've landed as a jumper in an Otter, a King Air, and a few other jump ships. It has been a while since I have personally piloted a Cessna 182, but in my current job I have landed an airplane at 750,000 lbs after we had lost a hydraulic system on takeoff. It wasn't a big deal since our training policy requires us to log 4 heavy weight landings every six months in the simulator. Thanks for participating in the poll. Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. - Vince Lombardi Blue Skies, Steve Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...
  3. *** This is what I have and I'm looking to replicate into a full freefly suit. Steve Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...
  4. Hello, I’ve always liked the floral Hawaiian print fabrics and designs used by DaKine Rags. I even have a pair of their free fly pants with a green sorta hibiscus print. Does anyone know who their fabric source was OR if any jump suit manufactures are using a similar design. Blue Skies, Steve Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...
  5. Hello, Does anyone have any info on the beta PD reserve that will have a lot smaller pack volume? I've heard rumors out there. Also heard that Sun Path will be scaling their rigs to fit the new reserve. Are any other container manufactures looking at doing this? I'm looking at buying new gear and don't want to buy new gear and then miss out on the latest and greatest gear. Of course I don't like to buy something that hasn't been on the market and consumer tested for very long. Blue Skies, Steve Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...
  6. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Thanks you very much for your urgent response, i will like you to send the pics, and i have relay it to my client and is very interested in buying it, and i have already explained everything to him about the canopy. And he wants to pay the amount you charged on it.he now requested for your Full Name and Address with your Phone Number so that he can make the check for you.because he is paying with a Money Order OR cashier's check which will easy to cash at your Bank. And i will also arrange for the shipping agent who will come for the picking up at your house.when the check clears. thanks for your co-operation. Stephen Freedman wrote: Mark, The price is $600. Good condition. Won't need a re-line for at least 300 jumps. No holes, burns, tears. I would keep it but like a dumbass, I bought a rig too small and now I'm jumping a 109. I'll send more picts on Sunday. Steve -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 12:23 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Classifieds - Response to your Ad Hi skybum02, On 30-Jun-2006 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. Username => john01 URL => Name => mark FromEmail => [email protected] City => Country => Comments => Hi i am interested in buying your your main canopies and i will like you to send the pics and also mail me the general condition of it with the final asking price of it. pls mail me back so that we can discuss more about it. Thanks ----------------- If you suspect this is a scam: 1) Visit the Security Forum to see if it has already been reported: 2) If not, forward the entire email to [email protected] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to be your own boss? Learn how on Yahoo! Small Business. Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...
  7. New Audible Needed - Any Suggestions? Hello, I have been out of the sport for a year due to military commitments and I need a new audible. I would like one that has a log book and the data can be downloaded into a computer, preferably without having to buy additional hardware (e.g. Protrack and Jumptrack), but that is not a deal breaker. I have seen several of the new ones out there… Protrack, Neptune, and Skytronic GFX. Also who has the best prices on the Audibles? Thanks Swooping, so easy a caveman could do it...