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  1. another way of saying "you're fuk'd" at BD in 03 or 04 i don't remember which but i was doing gear checks at the exit point.anyway there was this one jumper who said he didn't need a gear check because he had already checked it when i told him i had to check his gear if he wanted to get on the ramp he reluctently alowed me to to do so.upon inspecting his gear i found a riser that had come undone. the 3 rings were still together but the yellow cable had come out of the keeper loop on the back.He was jumping older gear and after putting the cable back in there was not alot of excess.this would have no doubt in my mind led to a fatality.but the look on the jumpers face was priceless.so a little off subject but a simple gear check can save lives.It only takes a second to do so why turn it down and why not ask a fellow jumper for it. big country base998
  2. so much for "no rules just right" big country base998
  3. so can i PLEASE get a 2 for one big country base998
  4. well said pete...well said big country base998
  5. hey EVERYBODY.... i just got of the phone with Tina Lindebaum (Brian's daughter) first off i cannot begin to tell you all what wonderful person she is! We talked a little about the memorial that Jason Bell posted and the family really is looking forward to seeing base jumpers there.However...she understands that it is a little more difficult for some to get to california than others.If you are not able to go you can send letters,cards ect. to her and she will make sure that they all reach the family.Here is everyone's opertunity to show the family the respect they deserve. P.M. me and i will give the address to you and you can all pass this along to fellow jumpers. maybe one of the moderators can sticky this to the top for a while. big country base998
  6. Look on the bright side...if someone took it all they got was a ranger jersey big country base998
  7. aaaawwww....shit! we're gonna need a young priest and an old priest when this is all over with... big country base998
  8. 10,000 post.... damn you need....to.....um.... big country base998
  9. sorry i misunderstood you. but i do agree with you about jumping skydiving gear. big country base998
  10. ***Jump whatever you want, but if there is base specific gear available, it should f*cking well be used on super high profile jumps like this. dude he was using very new base gear.This is a fact big country base998
  11. Does anyone know anything about this accident.I have seen some bits and pieces but nothing in detail.Has the name of the jumper been released yet?Are they ok? big country base998
  12. yes. that is right which is one of the reasons that lead me to the whole "tunnel vision" theory. people go back to habit in times of panic before changing to new teachings. for example: when people leave their homes they use the same door 98% of the time. firefighters find people all the time dead a mere few feet from a door when they had a closer door or window they could have escaped through.but being in a state of panic the first door they think of is the one they used all the time. big country base998
  13. Although i understand your point here, in this particular incident the jumper exited with the pilot chute in his hand. So locating the pc was not an issue. All he needed to do was open up his hand and let it go.In my OPINION i think he MAY have had a little "tunnel vision" due to the unstable exit. i.e. spent to much time trying to get stable instead of getting a chute over his head. In the words of my mentor : when in doubt,whip it out. Like i said this is my opinion only i have not seen all of the videos and i didn't see this happen first hand. big country base998
  14. it looks like a back pack.in the past i have seen jumpers jump with backpacks on their chest with clothes wrapped in plastic bags in case the landed in the water. the water is very cold this time of year.i landed in the river 2 times one year and would have given my left nut for dry clothes. big country base998
  15. As i sit here in the fire station i can't help but to think to myself how much i would rather be at bridge day.Right now alot of you are checking in,getting gear checks done,signing waivers,drinking beer and getting ready for the video fest tonight.And a few of you are out jumping already.Some are getting ready to make their first base jumps.Anyway... I hope you all have a safe and dry bridge day. Ironically i just realized you are all at the bridge and noone will even read this until bridge day is over.Oh well everyone have fun i'm going back to staring at the walls. big country base998