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  1. Near-zero wing suit or skydiving knowledge here, so bear with me: been watching these videos which pop up every few years of landing into nets (skydiving) or boxes (wing suit - as mentioned here) or water (fake). Wondering if there wouldn’t be some cross-over potential with Nordic ski-flying? Speeds not THAT different (I think the box landing video said something like 70mph), body positions not that dissimilar, and even the suits worn for ski-jumping have some similarity to early wing suits, I’m thinking. Exit out of the rear of a cargo plane with a pair of 240 cm. jumping skis seems doable. Find a steep snowfield with upslope winds as an LZ (speed skiing course?). Some experience with Nordic jumping technique seems like it may be a good pre-requisite (but lots of those guys are nuts, so should be possible to find a crossover athlete, I’d think). pretty sure I can’t be the first person thinking of this. What am I missing here?