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  1. Heey.. consider a little AFF in South Africa. The £UK stretches pretty far here. We're part of the commonwealth (Gawd save the Queen indeed). At current exchange rates you can do AFF levels 1-8 + 3 'consolidation' jumps for about 650 £UK. (8000 ZAR), gear rental included. More importantly perhaps, we got blue skies pretty much all year round No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  2. There was a recent news article over here about a guy that was arrested at Johannesburg International Airport. He was found with a protractor, a calculator and a book of logarithmic tables. He is a suspected member of Al Gebra and is being held for possessing weapons of math destruction.
  3. metalslug name

    CrazyIvan ? In Tom Clancy's "The hunt for Red October", the Russian submarine in question was said to perform a 'Crazy Ivan'.. whereby it would suddenly shut off its engines and drift forwards while making a slight turn to either port or starboard, positioning its passive sonar so as to listen for submarines that may be following behind. I'm pretty sure this 'nautical maneuver' is entirely fictional.. I'm too lazy to look it up further. And me.. the name and the avatar come from an arcade game "Metal Slug". That little man jumping the round has a serious wingloading, eh?
  4. I've been reading the thread on 'No reserve pull after cutaway' with some interest and have some related questions for a new thread. As a student, my concern regarding emergency procedures was/is with regard to how much force it may take to pull the handles. (I've not experienced this for myself yet) Does the required force vary between harnesses ? Have there been recorded incidents of 'stuck' handles on modern skydiving gear ? If so, What would cause this type of malfunction ? How likely is a scenario whereby a panicked jumper (experiencing a mal) may rapidly pull both handles in the correct order.. but with insufficient force to trigger the cutaway.. resulting in a 2-out situation ? My question applies to all makes and models of modern gear.. but I think my DZ student gear are mostly Naro harnesses.. in event that someone may have specific knowledge of PISA rigs. No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  5. Hehe.. I guess when an instructor is training me to save my own life, I take every word he says on that day seriously... including a bit of leg-pull when he points out chuteless jumpers. As it turns out; the video footage of one 'chuteless jumper' was taken from an outdoor wind tunnel/fan at a different DZ. The origins of the second chuteless jumper are less certain.. but I have been told its likely to be more wind tunnel footage. So yeah, he was 'falling' chuteless.. sorta.. about 10 feet off the ground.. I get to keep my rig?
  6. Isn't chuteless jumping considerably more common nowadays than the handful of stories in this thread ? I'm thinking that some of these jumps go undocumented, possibly so as not to raise a safety scandal at the DZ involved. First-timers at my DZ get a 10-minute long promotional video of skydiving clips taken by club members.. including a 'fun but not recommended' section lasting a few minutes. I will bet my rig that I saw an approx. 4-second snippet of least one jumper (and possibly even a second jumper in a later clip) freefalling without a rig. Our instructor on my fist jump even mentioned at one point in the training that 'some people do this' .. as though it has happened at least more than once in recent years at this DZ. I'll try to confirm the facts (and regularity) of these incidents if anyone is interested.. and would welcome any correction or confirmation from other DZ members on this. (I still have the video in VHS format but regretably no tools to create a digital multimedia file from it to upload what I saw.) No 'mericans were harmed during the making of this post.
  7. The attached pics show the Bolle X500 'Attacker' goggles. Polycarbonate, fog-proof, impact resistant goggles designed to fit over most eyeglasses and intended more for military use. An ungainly, chunky piece of eyewear for sure. I'm not suggesting a person buy them as a first choice ..but if you have them, would they even be allowed on most DZs ? So long as you can clearly see your handles and have reasonable(?) peripheral vision it should be acceptable, right ?
  8. I think I meant to say: What is the average mass of additional weight carried by those needing additional weight? bkdice has given some indication of this by suggesting that it can range from 2 to 24 pounds, which would put 12 lbs at the middlepoint of that range. ..and the above reply offers more; the confirmation that a few pounds does not have dramatic effects. My thoughts are along the lines of figuring out surface area and drag VS mass of the jumper... and the relative differences in fall rates of different sized jumpers in identical arch positions.
  9. 8 lbs ? How much extra weight does the average weighted person carry in a belt/vest ? I'm no physicist and quite a newbie but 8 extra lbs doesnt seem very significant, even on a 130lbs jumper. How does one go about assessing the amount of weight needed ? Would a tall, skinny 170 lbs jumper (who often have more drag) need as much weight as a smallish, stockier proportioned 130lbs jumper to fall evenly with the heavy jumpers? Does one reach a desired fall rate through technique, jumpsuit and weights .. in that order ?
  10. Got pied eh ? At some DZs its tradition to do jump 100 in your birthday suit... which makes me wonder how many variations there are on jump 100 'celebrations'. Pied.. nekkid.. what are the other one's ? Could be an idea for a poll (if one hasn't been done already).