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  1. Thanks Rick! Marriage is treating me very well so far.
  2. Instead of tracking with your palms facing the ground, track with your palms will automatically give some roll to the shoulders. It works wonders. Give it a try next time.
  3. Hey Rick. I remember that boogie and especially that jump. Lots of fun
  4. I remeber Danny reading his law book on the plane too. It always made me smile and gave me a sense of calmness as well. He will be missed. He was great, wasn't he?
  5. Danny was a great friend of mine. Jumped with him many times and enjoyed big ways with him as well. The happiest man I ever knew. You will be missed Danny. Love always.
  6. i moved to nevada from florida see ya saturday
  7. No I am not but I will be later for class at 5:00
  8. I am a student at USF, working on my Masters degree. I would love to help/be a part of this!
  9. It is hard to give advise without knowing your interests, but I can tell you that Education is the way to go. I am in school working on my Masters in Education and although the pay is not the best in the world you get all your summers off and still get paid. So you are working 10 months out of the year and the benefits are great too.
  10. I have ordered a video before however I paid cash for it at the boogie. I received that video 3 weeks later.
  11. Sorry, did not mean to offend
  12. Well, I was gonna say if you are going to out an 80's song on, then how about Red Skies the Night by The Fixx!