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  1. Could try and find a Recon Jet or Snow, they are no longer made so could be cheap and they run Android.
  2. There is the Garmin Varia Vision but I think if has to be linked to one of their devices.
  3. I have a plate attached from T11-L1 and I have never had an issue. I suspect it would not be an issue but best that he gets Dr approval to just ease any fears
  4. I tried the ski version this last weekend at an Oakley store and there is no problem seeing it. I actually think it will be distracting They played a demo on it that was a video and it looked great The Oakley version is $600 bucks. Just go to an Oakley store they all seem to have them to demo now
  5. Lonnie I need to see a full video of you falling and landing in a chair. What happen to the ICON?
  6. Fun hey, You are looking for gimpboogie my understanding is that she is no longer jumping anymore due to some injuries. There are a few people I know that jump as para's myself, gimpboogie, Dale elliott and Jarrett Martin (packing_jarrett) I would recommend getting in a wind tunnel first if you can, if you are a complete para you are going to have to have some modifications done to a jump suit and may have to wear braces (see Dale elliott) It will take longer to get jumping solo but can be done and its so worth it.
  7. @cptchaos I just did the one jump after my accident until recently, I also could not find any other para jumpers at the time. So no gadgets or devices I'm an incomplete so I can weight bare and have a little movement while sitting and flying. I am jumping a 288 manta student rig at this time my old 135 vengeance would be all sorts of ugly if I jumped that again. (But it would be fun) I was able to get in a few more jumps last weekend and things are starting to come back and I learned a few things also I dont really have much hip control and I found this last weekend I was flying more arms but I was more stable then the last jumps so I am adapting to it. I am thinking of adding a strap to my legs to get them closer together I can't seem to keep them together falling, and I can't feel to tell where they are to know how bad or good they are, really I am guessing at what I think they are up to. For landing I build a leg / chest strap device based on what I saw Dale and Minna use, but after the tandem I thought I might be able to get some lift out of my legs so I did my jump without the device. On my first jump I was able to get them up and the same on all my jumps so I am sliding in like a tandem, I do think I only get them to a point and the ground brings them the rest of the way up but until I see a video I wont really know for sure, I do know that if I am hanging I cannot bring them up to high. So far all the landings have been great. I am redoing my licence right now one is because I had a CAPS licence and that no longer exists and two I think I need to work through the levels as I fly so different now. On my last jumps I was able to get stable and easily do 360's and 720's in both directions I am more stable, I was also able to do a back flip not a huge deal but the front flip was tough I did more of a front flip to seated pike to sitfly to belly I did the same thing twice so I will have to work on it. It definitely takes some thought to do it and do it softly I have no desire to hurt myself more, so I plan out my jumps and such as much as I can.
  8. Quick back story I had a motorcycle accident at the end of May 2001 and became a paraplegic, my last jump before that was number 156 on May 13th 2001. I did a solo return jump on July 20th 2002, it was more of a needed to get it done jump, at the time I was still dealing with the accident and left the sport at the time. Fast Forward to today and I finally got back in the sky. I ended up at Skydive BigSky and had a good talk with Darren about coming back and he was all for it, I think it also helped that some guys I used to jump with also jump at this DZ now. First jump back this year I did a tandem because of the 11year absence and change in my body(strength, body shape, atrophy) I was not sure what to expect.. Jump went great I was told I made a great passenger I showed up at the DZ a few weeks later to do a PFF for a check out but they could not accommodate me, so I just hung out and chatted, watched and took more of it in. This last weekend I booked myself in to make sure I could get a jump in, and jump I did. First jump this last Saturday was a level 1-2 PFF (Two instructors) exit was ugly but quick to get stable, had some issue with chipping and I found that I have an arch and need to really use it, some leg issues with them getting to far apart. Over all it was not the jump I wanted (I visualized something else) but thinking back to it was ok, the landing was ok I overshot the landing but it was soft as I slid in on my ass (I was most worried about the landing) Second jump felt like a skydive just one PFF instructor this time, dive exit from the plane went well stable, quick practice pull, went for a left turn but my leg came over and I did a barrow roll recovered fast and stable, small turn left and back, then deployed (All this can be seen on the video) Landing was great I was told I landed better then the tandem masters with my slide in. Jump 160!! It was one of the best days of my life so great to get back in the sky!! I have a lot to learn again and need to figure out how my body is going to be in the air but I will get it done. I have to give HUGE props to Skydive BigSky not many DZ's would be willing to have a guy roll up and want to jump out of a plane solo as a paraplegic! Also thanks to Kadam and Thumper for instructing me
  9. Well its started, and hopefully will be fully on in a few weeks First a little about me I am a T12 paraplegic from a motorcycle accident 10years ago May 2001 Before my accident I had just over 100 jumps and around 10 of them on brand new gear that I still have so if anyone wants a 135 Vengeance let me know, at the time I did not want to sell it. One year after my accident in 2002 I did a solo jump as a paraplegic but it was too soon to return. it was too different from my non injured days and with some ownership changes at the DZ I left the sport Last year I attended a boogie at a local drop zone meeting up with my jumping buddies from the past and the jump bug started to come back. So here I am today the bug is fully back and I hope to get back into the sport in a big way. I have looked over the manual that Rod produced about disabled skydiving and read quite a few threads on this site, lots of good information. My only issue I have to work out is the landing, the jump I did after my injury was good until I was under canopy having my legs dangling under me was not comfortable at all and the landing was ok but I had a group of friends catch me. It seems that the best way to land is to have straps from the knees to the chest strap that is hooked up after the canopy is open and on track and to have a well padded bottom area? I have my original AFF instructor helping me get back into this and he is more exited then me I think, so I will be in great hands. Any advice is welcome, I look forward to joining the solo para jump club again.