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  1. Where can I find contact details for the tunnel? Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  2. Ohhh hell yeah. Been here for 3 weeks and believe me, I'm the worse for wear hehehe. They dont swallow their pints, just iopen the throat valve and let it fall straight through Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  3. Well, OK ... I did. It was quite an experience. It was the middle of winter in South Africa (which you foreigners might not see as cold, gmpfh). +- 9 Deg celsius on the ground and +- -12 at altitude. Flapping???? Not a chance, not in that cold. Anyway, the funny thing was the girl doing her level 1 aff. There I was, starkers in the back of the plane with a helmet to cover mr happy. She was SO nervous about her jump I dont think she even noticed . I've been on 2 nekkid jumps since. Always a lt of fun, but body control is sooooo much different. Try it and find out for yerself Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  4. He must be a CReW dog Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  5. Hi All, Does anybody have recommendations for skydiving in Ireland? I'm in Cork and brought my own rig with. There does not seem to be a big selection of dropzones here so if you've jumped here and liked a specific dz, drop me a line. Cheer Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  6. Hi Guys and Girls, I read on the web that some CReW Camera persons make use of a step-in cross connector (some allso call it speed bars and all sorts of silly names). What I am looking for is a step in stirrup so that I can control front riser with my legs while having my hands available for toggles. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of setup? Cheers, CJK Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  7. Hi Guys n Girls, I have very recently started doing CRW Camera work for the guys at SkydivExtreme (Nylstroom, SA). As you saw, Arno is now a CReW pup that just cant get enough. And I am sad to say, the past weekend I missed the money shot on His 2 stack entanglement. So, my question is this: Where can I find articles and tips on proper CRW camera work? I DID receive my newton sight yesterday so I hope that will help me hehehe. Cheers, CJK Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  8. Hi guys, Just a couple of notes on the PC105: 1. Had it shipped from Dubai to South Africa and the total landed cost for the camera, battery, carry case and wide angle lens was +- USD1,050.00. (Including customs duties etc) 2. One of the nice features with the memory stick is that you can put your club logo etc on the screen as an overlay (nice little logo top right corner ;-)). Great advertising. 3. It take quite good stills 1 mega pixel Cheers, Neels Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  9. CJK


    Well now, acouple of years ago (97to 99) I moved to the US and settled in Pinson, AL. For all y'all damn yankees out there, it's just a tad north of Birmingham. After I moved back to South Africa, it took about a month before people started understanding me again After having seen "Windtalkes" about the Navaho Indians used as code talkers during WWII, Ithought it might be a lot cheaper to grab a few boys from the trailer park and make them man radios in all future wars. Noone will have ANY idea whats being said Anyways, pretty soon I hope to be down south again just to brush up on me code talking skils. Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  10. We had a little Bell Ranger 206B at our DZ in December. We could take 3 jumpers at a time (heli takes 5 people - pilot + co-pilot+3 skydivers). The exits were great from 5k but once you have done 2 it becomes a tad boring. The BEST thing was the ride - sitting in the door with your feet hanging out. The view was AWESOME . The guys later did some fun exits: hanging from the strut etc. Choppers are great fun, just remember not to kick away on exit. Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  11. All righty then, We are planning on doing a night jump (4-way) on the 31st to exit at approx. 11:59:45 and watch that little sucker kick over to 2004 on the video. Anyone here planning to do something similar? Blue Skies Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  12. About two weeks ago I had a down wind landing. Didnt check windsocks till waaaayyyy too late As my hands started an automatic 180 hook I relised I could a) Leave my blood splattered atoms to the ants or b) burn in down wind. We had +- 10 knot wind and I'm flying a ZP.exe 170 WL 1.4. For those who dont know the ZP.exe, it MOVES. Steeper than usual wing angle etc. It gives you 5-15 meter swoop on a regular straight in approach in the right wind conditions I did a normal flare and used my heels to stop my forward speed. Ass +- 6 inches off the ground. We measured heel marks of +- 30 meters. And not a scratch on the bum. I wouldnt try this on another canopy though Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!
  13. CJK

    Gym work...

    Well, I dont really know anything about this but i CAN share one bit of info. I started skydiving about a year and a half ago and gradually developed some musclepains/cramps in my left shoulder. After a weekend of skydiving it was REALLY painfull getting out of bed on monday mornings. After seeing 3 physios and one chyro over the last 2 months I just couldnt handle it any more. So I went to a physio specialising in sports related injuries. After about 10 minutes, while whe did all sorts of funny stuff to my arms, she had the answer. Ok so I dont know the medical names and will have to try and explain using layman's terms: The muscle you use when pulling your arm from 45 degrees ABOVE your shoulder, to crossing your arm 45 degrees accross your body. That one. When you pull down hard on something it pops up on the side of yer rib cage. That one was the problem. (Someone help me out with the medical name) So what this muscle also does is to pull your shoulder blade down onto your back. When you skydive in box man or mantis, the position of your arms tend to pull your shoulder blade up towards your shoulder. This muscle pulls it back down so that it doesnt move up too far. Now for some unknown reason this muscle was not doing it's job properly and the shoulder blade shifted up too far. This in turn caused pinching of OTHER muscles and nerves, hence the pain. After excercising this muscle group specifically for a week, and then doing a skydive, I have to say the pain diminished by about 70 %. With more exercising it will hopefully go away completely. Hope this helped
  14. Does anyone know of a dropzone in Tanzania? TIA Grounded?!?!?! Whadda ya mean I'm "GROUNDED"?!?!?!?!