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  1. I would say "Interstate 5" or "I-5" or "the Interstate" but not "the 5 Interstate".

    Also - "Highway 39" but not "the 39 Highway". It is also called "the Paul Buchman Highway".

    OTOH - "the 408 Expressway" (or simply "the 408") but not "Expressway 408". (also called "the East-West Expressway")

    So here are the rules -

    "The" is used when referring to the type of road (e.g. - highway, expressway, freeway, turnpike) and when the type is preceded by the name or number of the road (except in cases where the number never precedes the type, as in "Highway 41" or "Interstate 75").

    The road is referred to without the "the" in cases where the type of roadway precedes the name or number, but you would never say "Expressway 408" or "Freeway 134".

    Be aware that these "rules" are based on my casual observations and have no other basis.

    Also, be aware that I never questioned my casual observation that all old, gray-haired people always and without exception spoke only Italian. I was around 5 or 6 years old before I realized that my hypothesis was flawed and I then had to formulate a new theory to incorporate newly observed data.

  2. I picked up an old rig many years ago (maybe '91 or '92) from a thrift shop or pawn shop. I think I paid 10 or 15 bucks just for the novelty. I remember it was very wet/damp, maybe having been stored in a basement or shed. Description from memory: I was told it was possibly a "Sodfarm" container, and was not TSOed. It has R2 releases. An old-time jumper (younger than I was, actually :S) called them "scare-2". I think the reserve was a Pioneer round that I gave away to the loft for water training aid, etc. I also gave away the Strato Star main. It still had rings but reefing had been converted to a slider. Most interesting to me was the PC bridle. IIRC, it was attached to cells 2 & 4 in inverted Y-shape and then to the PC. I still have the container.

  3. ChrisL

    ***I haven't jumped in a little over 3 years for some of the same reasons. Life got in the way. Raising two little girls. Trying to finish home improvement projects. Got two rooms done recently (laundry room and guest bathroom).

    In a little over a year I'll be 50. Fuuuuuuuck... other than that, I'm fortunate that my weight is about the same as when I stopped, and the machine shop I work in keeps me busy physically.

    Best of luck getting down into shape. B|

    Same here. I built a recording studio in my basement and a custom guitar building business in my garage. Took all my time, money, and focus for a long time.

    Fortunately, luck wont be a factor in my getting my weight where I want it to be. It tends to go up when I'm not paying attention to it, but I've always had the ability to dial that right back in once my attention is focused on the problem, and its now fully focused :)

    Spent a few minutes browsing your website. I know you said “Other peoples opinions are merely hurdles constructed out of inanity”, ...but beautiful work!!

  4. I drifted away for pretty much the same reasons (except the getting fat part), but for a bit longer. Really no excuses since I'm surrounded by world-class DZs. ....maybe one day before I get old ..........

  5. Another -- using "due to" rather than "because of" or "as a result of".

    Probably perfectly correct, but for some reason it has always grated on my ears. Also, using "quantum leap" when describing a large advancement.

    But I usually ignore these types of things if I think I'm getting someone's meaning in the context the conversation. I usually only call someone on spelling and other misuses if I'm losing an argument and have no other response to support my position.

  6. keithbar



    Beans, Beans, they don't cost a lot of loot, the more you eat the more you toot.
    The more you toot the better you feel, so let's all eat beans at every meal!

    no no its beans beans the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you toot

    I have heard "musical" rather than "magical".

  7. keithbar



    Beans, Beans, they don't cost a lot of loot, the more you eat the more you toot.
    The more you toot the better you feel, so let's all eat beans at every meal!

    no no its beans beans the magical fruit. The more you eat the more you toot

    Nope! ...It's "beans, beans, they're good for your heart; the more you eat, the more you fart!"

    Prolly a regional thing. :S

  8. gowlerk

    ******National defense, an enumerated responsibility of the federal government, health care....not so much.

    Um - National Defence - Yes - But National Healthcare is not in any founders document anywhere.

    Probably no National Road Building Clause either. Do you like using Interstate Highways? I sure do. I'd much rather drive your roads than Canadian roads.

    I wonder why the Interstate Highway System was built. ..or, for that matter, what the space program was really all about.

  9. Might find some help with this (Hiren's Boot CD):

    You'll have to download the file and create the CD or bootable USB drive. Zip file download is a little over 600 MB. Extract the files and the tools & instructions are there to create the bootable media from the iso file.

    Lots of handy utilities. It can boot to a "skeleton" version of Windows XP with options, and you may then be able to access and copy important files from your HD to a USB drive, etc. Maybe even use some of the utils to repair the HD long enough to salvage any files you need before the drive deteriorates further. The utilities included are handy to keep around even if they can't help with this particular problem right now.

    Or..if you get a new computer, you could try to set up the old HD as a secondary HD and copy what you can from there. Then toss it.

  10. turtlespeed



    Can a jellyfish even get a can of pork & beans opened?

    Weird side note but I'm hungry and now am really craving a stovetop can of pork and beans.

    Add Hormel light salt bacon pieces.

    Try this:

    Heat a can of pork & beans and dump onto your plate.
    Heat up a couple of cheap, cooked smoked pork sausages (Hillshire Farms, Bryan, etc.) in a frying pan with a little olive oil. I like to blister them a little.
    Pour a generous amount of chilled apple sauce (not the healthy natural kind) over the top of the beans and sausages.

  11. turtlespeed

    ************You might want to avoid north GA as well. Fly, don't drive, straight to Tampa and then drive to Z'hills.

    Drove through there last year. Certainly not home to the brightest minds on the planet.

    We know how to survive.

    So do jellyfish.

    Can jellyfish salinate the water if it is too clean?

    Can they avoid predators?

    Can they vary their diet to allow for shortages in some areas and surplus in others?

    Can a jellyfish field strip and reassemble an AK?

    Can a jellyfish even get a can of pork & beans opened?

  12. One small point -- (IMO) The "documentation" issue is not about how much documentation you have with you. It's about getting "documented" upon arrival.

    But, my post was in response to Bill's suggestion that his ancestors entry into the country (through Ellis Island) would have made them "criminals" by today's standards. The simple fact is that their legal entry and processing through Ellis Island prevented them from becoming "criminals" least as far as immigration status is concerned.

    You seem to be lamenting that if only the ships didn't have to take them to Ellis Island, dammit!, they would have exercised some preferred other "option" ...probably an "illegal" one.(?) As a side issue, I wonder if there actually were other points of entry around the country's borders for processing incoming immigrants and foreign visitors? Without looking it up, I think incoming immigrants could have checked in at any INS (or equivalent Federal office?). I think Ellis Island (i.e., a large-scale immigrant induction facility) existed because of the large influx of immigrants into a major port city. That's where the ships go, so let's build an induction center there. Also, Ellis Island did provide (at least by 19th C. standards) a quarantine point, however ineffective, for possible identification/isolation of incoming diseases, considering the large numbers of folks who were being funneled through there from many different lands and cultures. (But, at least at our southern border, that is one issue where we have no worries since those folks are coming from regions that, even with all their political and economic failings, boast 100% vaccination rates.)

    As far as wolfriverjoe's post above yours: "Except that the door for the "poor, tired and weary" was closed a while back. There's virtually no way for an ordinary Mexican or Central American to immigrate legally to the US.". I don't know if that door really is "closed" for lawful entry, but if it is, maybe it's because we are presently (and daily becoming more and more) "saturated" as far as providing mandated and other humanitarian services to the folks who have already arrived, legally or illegally. If that's the case, it's likely that illegal entrants from Mexico and C. America have literally stolen food, health care coverage and other aid from their countrymen who actually entered (or are now prevented from entering) lawfully.

    Totally agree that any help, from anyone, would be welcome in Alberta. The contributions, however small, from the newly-arrived Syrian immigrants were likely painful in terms of the amount of sacrifice on their part. And I suspect that, in part, they really were trying to say thanks and to show a sense of community at the same time. Also, agree that news coverage was probably over the top.

  13. billvon

    >Except that the door for the "poor, tired and weary" was closed a while back.

    Yep. My grandparents showed up at Ellis Island with no visa, application or paperwork other than their Irish citizenship papers. They just expected to be able to move to the US and start a new life. Today that would make them criminals.

    Well, except for that whole checking in at Ellis Island thing.