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  1. No I haven't applied for a work visa yet. And of course I know living is different from a holiday visit, but I have been to Indonesia several times now for like one month and therewith believe my decision not being too rash.
  2. Why is Jakarta insane? I like it here. Its not about finding ways to escaping the city though ... I just wanted to find out if there is any active dropzone around here. I will probably be located around the city center if I find work here but I am not sure yet. I don't know about the "Pajak bule". What is that? (I know the meaning of the word "Bule", though)
  3. I am looking for any possible info or contacts regarding Skydiving in Indonesia. I am in the process of trying to relocate to Indonesia (Jakarta) and want to find out if there is any active dropzone around here that might even offer work (part time, full time, seasonal) - Any help or information on that would be much appreciated!
  4. I am looking for a lift from Downtown San Francisco to NorCal Skydiving and back this Thursday. Anybody going to NorCal Skydiving on that day by coincidence?
  5. Dominik

    Ride to Skydive Elsinore

    Hello, I am a Skydiver from Germany (working for Lufthansa) and I got a flight to LA today and will arrive there today! Is there anybody who could give me a ride from Torrance Marriott Hotel, 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance to the dropzone at 16th or 17th? My cell phone number is +49 177 242 20 43 otherwise please write a reply here and I will try to check when I arrive in LA!
  6. Dominik

    Backflip Pull Exit

  7. > 45 Silhouette 190 > 150 Sabre 150 > 350 Crossfire 129 now Crossfire2 119
  8. Dominik

    German Swooping Open 2008

    German Swooping Open 2008 coming up ... Ok, let's start again ... Folks, the season 2008 will bring a top-competition for you. As always at the great dropzone of TakeOff in Fehrbellin. The competition date is 27th to 29th of June 2008. For German competitors this is also a qualification for international competitions. The weeks before and after the competition we will have our special Swoopmeets with great people, videos of our landings and dinner together. Dates Swoopmeets Fehrbellin: 5+6 April 10+11 May 14+15 June 12+13 July 13+14 September 4+5 October Date Swoopmeet St. Peter Ording (only with registration): 2+3 August We are working on the prize-money for the competition. The first sponsors have agreed. Let's see what it's going to be. The competition will be according to FAI-Rules plus the freestyle-round. The week before we will train and have a CP-judges course. You can register from now on and after we have admitted you, your name will be on the list. Your GSO Team info@swooping.deThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it P.S.: The registration fee will be 100 Euros. To register you will have to transfer 50 Euros advance to the GSO account. If you have any questions feel free to send a mail.
  9. Dominik

    Dropzone in Beijing (China)

    Is there nobody who knows anything about this dropzone (or jumping in general) in China?!
  10. Dominik

    Dropzone in Beijing (China)

    I am in Beijing at the moment and tried to find this dropzone! At least I found this Shahe Airport mentioned on but it seemed like nobody ever heard of public Skydiving there. Everything over there is only for military use (thats at least what I have been told after I found somebody, who leastwise speaks a few words english and works at the airport museum nearby) Damn! ... I have seen some quite intresting looking "jumpable" planes! hehe ^^
  11. Dominik

    Dropzone in Beijing (China)

    Has anyone ever been to the dropzone in Beijing (China) and could give me some infos about it?
  12. I am a Flight Attendant (working for Lufthansa) and I am recently flying to San Francisco! So I was planning to go to Skydive San Francisco or the Bay Area Skydiving during my Layover there! Now I would like to know if anybody can tell me whats probably the easiest way to get (from downtown; Parc 55 Hotel) to one of these dropzones (or another place nearby I maybe do not know about) using bus, train and so on ... (I can not rent a car and a taxi is probably to expensive!) - Maybe there are aswell jumpers from San Francisco that would not mind to give me a ride! (I would pay for that with a jump ticket or a few beer!) Any help would be appreciated!
  13. Dominik

    Dropzone near San Francisco

    Thanks! Hm ... damn I exspected this problem with the taxi ride :(
  14. Dominik

    Dropzone near San Francisco

    Hello, I am working for Lufthansa and got a Flight to San Francisco tomorrow! The hotel in San Francisco will be The Renaissance Parc 55, Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 - Can anybody tell me whats the nearest Dropzone from there? And what do I pay for a taxi ride (2way) ... just about?
  15. I am going to buy me a Samsung VP-X220L but I heard quite good and also bad things about it! So I would like to know if anybody has already made experiences with this camcorder here as well?! - Does somebody know about comparable models? I think this camcorder quite rocks cause it was made for sports and has an external lens you can for example place at your feet (still having the camcorder elsewhere (only connected by a small cable!) ...