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  1. Where I did my first tandem, they had a garbage landfill not too far off the end of the runway. We taxied to one end and it just smelled horrible. TI: "Do you smell that?" Me: "Yeah, it's horrible" TI: "You want to know what it is?" Me: "sure" TI: "It's the smell of fear... New pilot, first time taking off on a short grass runway, and the left flap is seized up. Welcome to our perfectly good airplane!"
  2. packerboy

    the caravan is flying at STI

    You need CSPA there? or is USPA ok for Canadian jumper?
  3. 54 views and noone wants to chuck a number out there... It'll be a real short easy post people. I can only read so much of the Skyride II thread. WOW have I missed alot.
  4. packerboy

    USPA good experience rant

    I have had nothing but great customer service from USPA myself. If I was using customer service as a measuring tool for the greatness of the USPA they would be doing great. It's what goes on in the boardroom that concerns me.
  5. I don't think so, but not being able to watch youtube videos at work is going to soon put me off of logging onto at work! To the staff... we need to be able to imbed videos into posts somehow while keeping the domain in the address bar! Or I need a more internet video friendly job .
  6. He should be getting an award for being the skydiver with the most well timed bailout in the history of skydiving!
  7. Sure you got the adress right? Won't load for me. Never mind.. got it... that's a pretty awesome video actually.. Wonder how many runs you get in before being turfed from the ski hill. They must have been part of some ski movie production team?? I can't imagine you could just show up at any ski hill and do that. I think I might try though.. My problem is that I board, not ski.. it may be tough being sideways in the harness.
  8. packerboy

    Falling through a formation

    The formation that I fell through was round at the time. What I felt in the air was that there was no chance at all that I was going to save it. It didn't happen as I was coming down to the burble from far it happened as I was going from not so over the top to over the top. My reaction was not to get huge and pop up, my reaction was to get in the middle of the round and go down through the middle without hitting anyone. I was almost succesfull but I came down through an arm dock and glanced the sides and shoulders of two jumpers. When I got to the ground I immediately went to the most experienced for advice. (I already got the one finger salute from the organizer while I was on my back under the formation, coincedentally one of the two I hit.), and was told by both that it IS a big deal, but it happens. Learn from the mistake and I'll be a better jumper. And that's how I took the advice. The people that I hit are my friends. I felt terrible. Not for destroying the formation, but for endangering them. I know how serious a freefall collision can be and I do not take it lightly. That being said... this "other" advice about me not being ready to fly camera and that this is evidence, came weeks later as a side note to another completely seperate conversation. Kind of a "By the way... that time you fell through the formation proves that you are not ready." This is why I was offended and was here looking for advice and a sort of redemption. If I was told on the ground after the jump that maybe I shouldn't have been videoing that jump and that I should stick to something smaller, I could have accepted that as learning advice. But that's not how it went down. This person watched me get on 15 loads and do video before telling me a few weeks later that I am not ready for it. I like the idea of a camera suit as a tool. But I have been told that it is like wearing booties. Although they are a good tool that can help you track like a madman some people use them to compensate for poor flying and tracking. Learn without and then integrate. I think for now, I will zoom a bit, stay a bit farther away and flirt with the edge a little more before being on the edge. We don't do 4-ways with video out of our 182 and when we have the otter for long weekends, 4 ways don't really happen.. people go bigger. The one time there was a 4 way, I went with them instead of the larger way. The person that scolded me was not the person I hit, was on the opposite side of the dive and didn't seem at all concerned about the situation untill weeks later and had a point to try and prove about something all together different. And paying for other peoples slots doesn't happen at our dropzone either... except for students and tandems. If you want to be a video guy, you pay for your own jumps and carry a camera. Most people at our dropzone although they like to see video of themselves could care less about having video unless it is a special occasion jump. There is alot of good advice in this forum, much more than any of the other forums... thanks for being supportive and not for being pricks who do no wrong and who's crap don't stink like most of the other forums on this site. This is what I like about the few camera flyers that I know.. they are humble.
  9. packerboy

    You are in charge

    Get rid of the night jumps for a D. Not every wants to do them, or has alot of opportunity to do them. Our runway does not have lights. That doesn't mean we can't do them, just that it is a REAL pain in the ass to get them done. I'll be scrambling to get them in before the end of the summer so that I can get my TI rating. I'm not counting on it.
  10. packerboy

    Demos in Canada

    Section 602.26 of the CARs prohibits parachute descents from an aircraft in or into controlled airspace or air route; or over or into a built-up area or an open-air assembly of persons except in accordance with section 603.37 of the CARs. Section 603.37 of the CARs allows the prohibition stated in section 602.26, if the person complies with the provisions of a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Parachuting. Section 603.38 gives the requirement for an application to be submitted in the form and manner required by the Special Flight Operations Standards. Sub-section 623.38(A) “Parachute Descents Over or Into a Built-up Area or Open-Air Assembly of Persons” of the Special Flight Operations Standards outlines the information that constitutes an application for the Special Flight Operations Certificate. An application form specific to this request has not been produced and is not planned. An applicant may submit the required information in any format he or she chooses. Sub-section 623.38(C) “Parachute Descents Over or Into a Built-up Area or Open-Air Assembly of Persons” of the Special Flight Operations Standards states the minimum qualifications a parachutist must have to be eligible to make a demo-jump. Sub-sections 623.38(D) and (E) “Parachute Descents Over or Into a Built-up Area or Open-Air Assembly of Persons” of the Special Flight Operations Standards state the minimum standards for parachute equipment and packing. Sub-section 623.38(F) “Parachute Descents Over or Into a Built-up Area or Open-Air Assembly of Persons” of the Special Flight Operations Standards outlines the minimum standards a parachute landing area must meet. Applicability The staff instructions contained in this document apply to all applications made in accordance with section 603.38 of the CARs for a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Parachuting to conduct parachute descents over or into a built-up area or an open-air assembly of persons. Procedures All applications to conduct parachute descents over or into a built-up area or open-air assembly of persons must be reviewed to ensure the requirements of the CARs, the Special Flight Operations Standards and the procedures contained in this staff instruction are met and can be adhered to by an applicant. The Standards contain the minimum standards for the conduct of parachute descents over or into a built-up area or open-air assembly of persons. Determination of whether an application meets the minimum standards must be made by cross-reference to the reference material. The requirement for 10 days advance notice is intended to provide Transport Canada officials with sufficient time to review an application and supporting documentation and carry out the required co-ordination early to eliminate the need for last minute action by an applicant to meet requirements. It is not the intent of this staff instruction to direct regional staff not to process an application when an application is received with less than ten days notice. Should an application arrive at a regional office in less than the normal required timeframe but can be processed accurately and completely without straining existing resources and work schedules, the service should be provided with a reminder to the client that ten days notice will be required in future. An application shall be reviewed as follows: Application and Supporting Documentation 1. The information that must be submitted to Transport Canada by an applicant is found in the Special Flight Operations Standards - Division III - Parachute Descents Over or Into a Built-up Area or Open-Air Assembly of Persons, Section 623.38(A)(1). It must be verified as complete or the applicant notified of any omissions as soon as possible. 2. The following areas must be checked: Confirm all the parachutists have a valid CSPA EJR rating. Regional offices are sent a monthly update of the CSPA's EJR Rating Report directly from the CSPA. (weekly during summer months) It is recognised situations could arise when a jumper's name or renewal date is not on the list. The applicant shall be advised as soon as possible of any jumpers included on the application who are not on the list. In such cases the onus will be on the jumper to supply the regional office with proof that they do hold a valid EJR. When a jumper satisfies the conditions for initial issue or renewal of an EJR Rating, their CSPA membership card is reissued with the new expiry date of the rating indicated on of the card. Jumpers not on the latest EJR Rating Report will have to provide the regional office with a copy of this card, clearly identifying the jumper and the certification date, or a written declaration from the CSPA EJR Issuing Officer, stating the jumper has re-validated their EJR Rating. The site diagram must be reviewed to confirm the parachute area meets the stated requirements. Any omissions of information required to make this determination shall be brought to the applicant’s attention as soon as possible. 3. The local air traffic control agency, where applicable, shall be contacted and provided with the information they require to develop the conditions to be incorporated in the Special Flight Operations Certificate to enable the operation to take place safely. Generally, demo-jumps are made from relatively low altitudes (6,000 AGL and below), as freefall from high altitude is virtually invisible to persons on the ground. As such, the amount of time parachutists participating in a demo-jump are exposed to other airspace users is relatively short, and should be easier for ATS to accommodate. 4. The regional Air Navigation Services and Airspace branch shall be contacted and provided with the information they require to take appropriate actions. These actions may include such things as the development of the conditions to be incorporated in the Special Flight Operations Certificate to enable the operation to take place safely. In the case of a demo-jump, this may only require the issuance of a NOTAM. 5. In the event the decision is made to deny an application based on safety concerns, the applicant shall be notified in writing of the decision. The letter shall contain the regulatory references and explanation for the decision. 6. For recording purposes, all information, documentation, correspondence (including records of telephone conversations) should be kept together and placed on the appropriate regional files.
  11. How are you going to get this survey to the people? And how are you going to convince them that it is worthwhile to fill out a 30 minute to hour and a half survey? Who are you working for?
  12. packerboy

    anyone tried invent 3 canopies in a rig?

    Gear manufacturers have them for testing canopies.
  13. Watch freefly videos... but again your looking at a few jumps first. Honestly, different things are fun for different people. Maybe it's not for you... it's a lot of money to sink into something that you are indifferent about. Maybe get a few hundred jumps into you and then look into taking a BASE jumping course. Get a couple thousand jumps into you and hundreds or thousands of wingsuit jumps, and then look into wingsuit BASE.. who knows? My guess is if you are fairly bored after 3 jumps.. it may not be what you are looking for. Perhaps you've wanted to do it for so long and you've worked up some sort of dream in your head as to how exciting it would be and thus let yourself down when it actually happened. I have a feeling that is what the Miami Vice movie is going to do to me... I can't wait to see it.. but it probably won't be all it's hyped up to be.
  14. Even the retailers couldn't figure out which lens I would need for a Canon. I was eventually going to buy a Sony, but I had a Canon and I'm not trying to rush anything (including spending money), so I thought I'd try it. In the end I decided if I was going to sell the Canon I would be better off not destroying it first. I was lucky though to have Fuzzy point out that the new HC26/36 Sony models don't have LANC port which you need for the cameye. Just the HC96 that cost $1000 So I ended up going with the DCR-HC42 (last years model) which is apparantly the last "base" model Sony vidcam that is going to come with a LANC port. I guess Sony found that the only ones needing that port were high end consumers that would pay the extra for it, and it was a high selling point for the cheaper cameras. Glad I found that out since there aren't too many of the HC42s on the shelf anymore. 2 in all of the Henrys stores in Canada, none in Future Shop or Best Buy. Thanks Fuzz!
  15. packerboy

    post your best shot

    Do you have any sort of filter or are you touching up with PS or something? That color is amazing.
  16. packerboy

    z1 pc1000

    You're about to get set on fire for wanting to jump camera with 150 jumps. Just a warning.
  17. packerboy

    Vigil vs Pro-track readings

    I would say your pro-track is more accurate because 209 mph is real fucking fast for someon with 39 jumps! Then again so is 180 mph, and I have a Vigil so I hope they are accurate... shit.. I don't know.
  18. packerboy

    PAC 750 formation loads anyone?

    Definately get some pictures up!
  19. packerboy

    What's happening at JFTC?

    Check out Billvons thread a little further down the page.
  20. I have no ratings, only because I don't have enough jumps. I could go out and get a coach rating, but that doesn't pay anything where I'm from. I pack to pay for jumps untill I get a tandem rating and then I will do tandems and pack. I want to do tandems because I think it would be fun to experience someones first skydive right along with them, not for the financial benefits. I would do tandems for free if I could. But I can't afford to. The only reason I work for a dropzone period is because skydiving is retarded expensive. I make $15/hr at a factory and there is no chance I would do more than 1 or 2 jumps a weekend unless I work for a dropzone. That's just not enough for me.
  21. I just got a Neptune in the mail today too!
  22. packerboy

    ATP vs AFF

    Regardless of which progression you take, you are going to find yourself on a skydive by yourself with little to no experience. Neither is going to teach you any better how to avoid a flat spin untill you get in the air and do a skydive by yourself and figure out what body position you need to adapt to. You have someone strapped to your back making corrections or you have an instructor on each side of you hanging on to you making corrections... what's the difference.
  23. packerboy

    Canopy control & "running it off"

    I took the Scott Miller Freedom of Flight canopy course a few weeks ago. One of our instructors was jumping a tiny Velocity loaded about 2:1 or so and when his landings were done as per Scott's instructions he wasn't running at all. Not to mention I see people land crazy swoops all the time and shut it down properly and not have to run. It can be done.