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  1. like the UNIFIL forces that have been there for over 28 years have done something to stop hezbollah from abducting and killing israelis soldiers that were into their own country's borders!!!! not even to mention preventing a armed milicia to build up fortifications and aiming at israel? no international forces are a joke. the lebanese army is supposed to be there period. they are supposed to be responsible for their boundaries. and just to further remind you of international forces: 3 soldiers abducted and asassinated a couple of years ago under the nose and cooperation of UNIFIL soldiers!!!
  2. it is called the sense for survival you know
  3. that was obvious coming from you wsn't it
  4. ahhh what a humanist....Jj rousseau would have been very proud of you
  5. again the same "moral" try to read more carefully what i wrote and may be try harder...to understand.
  6. so for you being moral is letting the butcher slaughtering you? aren't those guys that are supposed to rule Lebanon responsible for those things that are going on in their country? shouldn't they protect their border against whatever terrorist group and their harmful intentions? so again who is responsible for letting this hezbollah milicia parading so openly? so for you Mr, morality is just being a working horse and seeing only the first meter in front of you? and not seeing who is really behind all this and running this show? the lebanese government is letting it happen for whatever reasons: Iran and Syria are amongst them and the whole world knows it. so why don't you spare us your lesson on morality? and let us defend ourselves without your hypocritical critics.Genocide is not the answer. and for the sake of this forum don't use such terms. You surely don't know what is is....we do!!!!
  7. yuri, yuri....life seems to be very simple for you. ahhh those imperialists of nowadays..... how did you figure out so fast the US and Israeli goals and reasons of existing. amaaaaazing, so clearvoyant. you, clever man, should open up a country,and tell us so we can be citizens of your paradise.
  8. well let us refresh your selective memory as well then!!! but i don't want to insult the memory of all those innocent victims, women children and elderly and men that have died in all those bombings!!! but they were potetial soldiers, i meant civilians potentially eventually soldiers of the oppressing army of occupation? aren't they Mr skyrad i know it all?
  9. you mean like in Bombay, India. those guys there killed your people also? or like in Madrid, Spain? or may be in London, England? don't you have something better to do? try to be more pragmatic mister, but then again may be you have plenty of brothers in which case i rest my case you indeed must defend them.....
  10. your so called "proportional response", i mean to the IRA,may be the cause of the long and bloody war. they must have thought that england wasn't too serious of its will to continue its occupation of ireland, don't you think? who can tell what is a proportional answer and what is not? when someone is testing you, don't let him be mistaken about your intentions. And you know what, ithe world doesn't have to accept anything, it is none of its concern, it is only a matter of survival, and you certainly won't help free those soldiers? am i wrong?
  11. have a look at the pic attached and yes you are the teacher.....
  12. Bella Rosco we just got back from there and porcos dios you are absolutly right the best place and the best times. I saw you with this girl lucky you... do you remember me? bella.... white suit with green dog marks on it...
  13. Aerograd kolomna is one of the best place to jump in Europe. We were there for 10 days (60 israelis) and it was amazing. The planes and helicopter are great, the facilities amazingly modern compare to russia , the staff very professional and cooperative and the dropzone owner is a hell of a guy: willing to help and present in the worst situations. We had a guy wounded and he has helped us all along and was visiting everyday and for long hours at the hospital, let alone that he used the dropzone helicopter to move the guy to the hospital in town. Definitely an amazing person. Thank you Roman. Conclusion if you want the best place to jump 12 a day go to Kolomna. We will go again next year. See u all in the sky
  14. yoram


    this is anew DZ in Israel it is friedly, has a great climate to skydive all year long it is 80 min away from Tel Aviv close to Beesheva. reachable by train as well alltogether a very nice place although the plane(s) are not that good, but still not that bad. the place is new but it is groing and improving fast