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  1. I bet the Frost Bank Bldg will work. I work right across the street from it and staring at it as I speak! I have a friend who works over there who skydives too. Let's go!
  2. Give Texas Skydiving a try. We need more girls jumping out there! There are not many. I'm one. It's a small DZ, but everyone is very friendly. You will not regret it. Give Cindy a call at 1-800-UGO-JUMP and book your friends there. We'd be more than happy to meet you and your friends! Kristina
  3. Thanks for the help, fellow skydivers! Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I'll take your advice into consideration. You all are the reason I am so hooked on this site!
  4. Hey there! I'm a Newbie myself! Welcome! I also did not trust my equpment for a while. It comes easier with each jump. At first, I hated freefall itself--I really felt like I was not in control. Even though I am preparing for my 6th AFF jump, I have come to terns with trusting my equpment, but I am always ready for an emergency! Good luck!
  5. I almost completed my AFF course this weekend--only 2 more jumps to go! Having an awesome time!!! However, I noticed some very BAD bruising of my thighs when I got home. I understand this is common. Any suggestions on how to cushion the pull of the leg straps when deploying? I am still using a student rig with metal clips (agghhhh! Which no doubt isn't helping) and a Navagator 200. In NO WAY am I complaining. I am having WAY too much fun!! But if there is a remedy, why not use it??? Thanks in advance, everyone!!
  6. That jumper should be kissing your u know what! Thanks to your concern, he is alive today! You really inspire me to spot for these things now! AND I am still an AFF student. Yesterday, I noticed a that jumper (about to do a coach jump) did not have his RSL routed correctly. I really did not know how it was supposed to be exactly, but I alerted my JM who was also in the plane w/ us. It was promptly corrected. Although the mis-routed line may not have mattered, the point was that one look told me it was not right either.. Safety first--make sure you are in good shape, then help others. It never hurts to have too many divers check your gear! Kudos to your alertness!!!
  7. Thanks for the website! I am preparing for my AFF 6 jump, so these videos really put everything I did in the sky in a better perspective! Very cool!
  8. Congrats on passing AFF!!! I was told after my 5 th AFF jump yesterday, that I tend to COMPLETELY turn around on launch. Hmmm..I certainly didn't feel like I did. My JM had to tell me. My husband says it may be from not going into a complete "jumping jack" when launching, leaving either a foot or a hand still touching the plane, allowing part of the body to turn away. I am also a little worried about doing a "jumping jack" and hitting the wing!!! I think that is why I subconsciously try to turn away and not completely jump, allowing ALL of my body to leave at the same time! Just my experience...
  9. I am still overcoming the anxiety as well. I did my first AFF jump last weekend without first doing a tandem. Let me tell you--I had not idea what to expect! I am scheduled for my next 4 jumps in a week, and I am still a little shaky. But sometimes that's good. The sport does have risks--but knowing the emergency procedures will be able to get you out of most if not all, risky situations. I felt a little nauseous before my first jump--but I told myself to overcome it and be brave. Being outside of your comfort zone is the reason why welcome this feeling. It reminds you that you are ALIVE and doing something spectacular!! It's also a challenge to overcome. You can be proud to know that you did it!! However, if the nerves are consuming you so much that you cannot concentrate on the dive, you may want to reconsider jumping. I agree with "rgoper's" message: Follow your heart! Do what is right for you!!!