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    Greenie . . .

    From the fall of 1981 untill the summer of 1984 myself and many other's we're making BASE Jumps off this 710' northern California Bridge, it was just so Cool ! Bill Dause my Skydiving Mentor operates a Parachute Center an hour or so away and he was so nice to us when we got back from jumping the Greenie. One time when David B Grant and Myself we're discreetly BASE Packing on the side of the Parachute Center's Building, Bill came strolling around the corner, David and I looked at each other thinking something like, oops we're in trouble now ! Bill walked up and checked out my unheard of at the Time, a 52" Yellow Pilot Chute made by Hank Acustio, (I think that's how you spell Hank's last name) a Company called Para Inovator's, from Southern California. Bill looked at both us then and never questioned us. He's so cool ! David and Myself proceeded to make many Jumps off the Greenie and the 2 Very Tall Antenna Towers very close to Bill's Parachute Center. Bill Dause treated both David and I with Respect ! I Highly recommend Bill's Parachute Center to any would be Skydiver or BASE Jumper. Gerald Harendza BASE # 75
  2. Hi, Actually I do not where Mark Hewitt BASE# 46 is right now. Mark invented the "Sorcerer" Rig that has proven to save lives on high altitude BASE Jumps. Mark is a wonderful Very Smart Person, who has contributed with many BASE inventions during the Very Early years of BASE. I think Mark has 5 BASE inventions ! Mark helped myself and Many Many others during the Early years of BASE. On another note: "Slim" a friend of almost every one, Probabally wishes he was Jumping a "Sorcerer"! Thank You, Gerald Harendza Night BASE 24
  3. Hi, The "Sorcerer" a second chance Dual Parachute BASE Rig that has proven to saves lives! Thank You, Gerald Harendza
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    Posted with Permission from "Jump" Magazine. Written by: Skratch Garrison. Sometimes my gear scares me It's a long way up to be hanging from strings and rags. So I think real hard and figure it out again, then everything goes fine for a while. Then I do something Scary again. Like watching someone else open. Do I really believe that ? I better, Because it's my turn now. I just keep going through the process. Because I started when I was to young to Know any better and now I can't stop !
  5. Very well written article, thank you for posting this Mr. BASE 75, I like old nostalgic stuff, Blue skies. Jackie
  6. Who has the Most Skydives? Is it still a Toss up between Bill Dause in California and Donald Kallner in Pennsylvania? Thanks in Advance.
  7. Years ago in the mid 1980's I made many skydives out of Bill Dause's DC-3 at the Parachute Center near Lodi, California. It was loads of fun! It would be a great help to know what drop zones are still using DC-3's to drop jumpers?