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  1. I will miss Harry so much. I loved how he always made things more fun for us at the dropzone. He always had a big smile on his face. My heart goes out to Debbie, their unborn child, family and friends. I can just see him and Patrick looking over us all and we are blessed to have them watch over us. Stay strong and keep flying, that is what Harry would want us to keep doing. Cherish the memories forever. PMS #113 PMTS #19
  2. awww, she's a cutie! Congrats to you and the Mrs.
  3. Good times for sure!! can't wait PMS #113 PMTS #19
  4. Happy Birthday Scott. have fun with the flockers this weekend and good luck with the big way. -Cat PMS #113 PMTS #19
  5. awwww how adorable! how about razzle and dazzle PMS #113 PMTS #19
  6. Congrats Billy! Happy for ya all. Just what we all need, another lil crazy billy or billie jr running around seriously- congrats luck through these long months ahead of ya too! -Cat PMS #113 PMTS #19
  7. LMAO!!! Man, you crack me up Billy. Hope yo uget rid of all those lil fuckers! I HATE BEES so I know I'll hate those even more... Note to time you're going against those fuckers, have the wifey from a distance shoot some video of the whole ordeal Maybe it'll show up on America's Home Funniest show sometime Hope the stings aren't too bad and they stop stalking you! -Cat PMS #113 PMTS #19
  8. Thank you Amy, Omar, Trunk and Greg for making this a great experience
  9. April Gering Mike Coffee Jonny Trunk Omar Sara C (German Sara) Me (Chemi) Benji Ilea Earl John.Blackburn Cat Larry Whoo hoo! Gonna be fun! PMS #113 PMTS #19
  10. Thanks Anne... Patrick, you're always in my thoughts and heart. I miss you dearly. Fly forever my friend. Love ya man! PMS #113 PMTS #19
  11. ha ha ha ha!! no gold thongs... thats hilarious! I'm there! Can't wait to try out some yummy margartias... PMS #113 PMTS #19
  12. ummm...pies from all over the world coming towards John Woo...I can see it!! yea Congrats John...hope all is well with you and keep up the great work.
  13. Yeah, what they wanted to charge per person, every taxi off and landing at their airport, and other charges they happened to come up with when the plane got was so silly and ridiculous! Thanks for the update. Lets hope for a smoother ride this year with the Mexican Authorities. PMS #113 PMTS #19
  14. see if any update on this boogie. PMS #113 PMTS #19
  15. Any info on this boogie. Is it still happening? If so, who's down and happenin' at this boogie