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  1. sorry did not want to start any shit but it came across the wrong way just remember that each and every jump is something new to learn
  2. Nice i figured that one out but was talking in terms of skydiving.
  3. Which do you feel is better I was straight AFF and still have some prob with landing and control how I wish I would have had the Tandam progression. Sorry about the spelling
  4. the flying hell fish? I need to know and how do you join?
  5. I can understaand that I left for a year and am thinking the same thing until recently. I sat a year out but always went to the dz until the felling was back Have her go to the dz's with you she may just understand what it is that we like.
  6. Thsi site brings me to an ad. Is it right?
  7. Wasn't saying you were kocky Just giving a friendly wake up call. I just lost a friend in the sport because he was over confident. ENJOY AND STAY SAFE THAT"S ALL THAT MATTERS> Hope you enjoy becoming complacent (sp?) is the worst in this sport. Be prepared for everything.
  8. Fair enough I have 50 plus jumps and the last one was well a little rough Hard pull and reserve ride after dission alt. Thought I knew alot but brought me down to the reality
  9. It may not be my place but don't get to kocky. Always remember each jump is a learning experiance even at 10 or at 10,000 plus.
  10. [ Oh yeah #1 reason to have another cutaway, well #1 and #2 Did you buy your beer? And did you buy your rigger his bottle? Bought beer on the first and third but not the second. As far as the rigger First I bought for everyone that was there some 300 dollars later. Second I did not buy for anyone the rigger was the guy that lent me the rig. And the third oh yeah did I buy , Trust me as far as I see it things come in three so I set for the next hundred I hope.
  11. Never had to ask to jump with anyone. Old new or somewhere in between they jump with you
  12. By all accounts the part of the harness is right according to sun paths web site. although there are diffrences in the number of jumps the guy had made and what witness saw. Leave it to the news and wuffos to make our sport sound bad. I mean yes we have deaths but you can get killed just as easily playing football or hockey.